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Road Rule #1: Don’t Be A Jerk

There’s a great article in the Wall Street Journal about the problems New York City is facing by having tons more cyclists on their streets (thanks to large amounts of new bikelanes and cycling infrastructure on their streets).

Essentially, there are a lot more confrontations between cars, bikes and pedestrians… as they all have to share the same space, so NYC is starting a “behaviour campaign” aimed at fostering some on-street civility… basically telling people, no matter their mode of transport: “Don’t Be A Jerk“.

BikingToronto loves this short but sweet message (sweet, if you say it nicely enough) so much that we made a fun-loving little graphic that would be fun to use and share. :)

Let’s play nice out there.

  • Great article! Really highlighted that cycling infrastructure is only a part of the solution. Two major areas of need (in New York and TO): education and enforcement…aplying equally to cyclists and cars drivers! I might throw in my own observation being the need for signage. I would so appreciate a sign saying ” do not block bike lane when making a right turn” at EVERY intersection along College Ave!!!!!

  • what yo need is a sign projected onto the windshield of turning cars somehow like the lighted signs projected onto the pavement at Dundas Square: Do not block bike lane when making a right turn, JERK!