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Photos of the New Dufferin Bikelanes

True, the Dufferin bikelanes only exist under the brand new underpass that eliminated the Dufferin Jog, but any infrastructure is good infrastructure. :)  Underpasses can be a little scary on a bike without good lighting and bikelanes.

Here are a few pics of the new lanes for you:


Dufferin Jog No More
City of Toronto

Dufferin Jog No More
City of Toronto

  • pessimist

    Let’s see some pictures as of today, where bike and right lanes for both directions are closed with construction barrels right at the mouth of the tunnel.

  • Well, go take some! :)

  • Well *technically*, if you travel a ways north, you will run in to Dufferin bike lanes again – this time between Steeles and the 407. I rode them back in August and they were *great* and, if I recall correctly, buffered by a bus-only lane on the left. I wish they’d extend them down to Finch or further south. The difference between riding Dufferin between Finch and Steeles and Steeles and 407 is a fantastic illustration of how useful a bike lane can be in the outer suburbs. And given how much space there often is between the road and sidewalk, and again between the sidewalk and whatever’s on the other side, there is almost always space for them.

  • The City didn’t give a rats ass about the roadway north of the underpass, which is still one of the worst roads in the city between Dundas West and Queen St. W. They were much to eager for politico photos opps, opening ceremonies and pats on the back to care about the residents in Ward 18. I know live on the stretch of roadway. Riding on the sidewalk is safer, although illegal.