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On The Blogs: Toronto’s Cyclists with an Anti-Bike Mayor

Toronto Cycling Community in a Non-Bike Friendly Environment  Nodders talks about what Rob Ford’s election means for the Toronto Cycling Community.  Does the “Community” need to re-position itself and move from a “Share the Road!” message to a “More Bikes = Less Cars = Less Congestion” message?

I think that cycling advocates need to seriously consider how they position their messaging in a fashion that is palatable to the anti-cycling establishment. This does not mean to acquiesce to their positions, but to change the context of the discussion in a way that supports the interests of Toronto’s cycling community.

Would we get farther if messaging was based on the underlying message that promoting cycling infrastructure actually benefits vehicular traffic flow and makes for a less stressful driving experience in Toronto? I think we would.

Read the full post on Nodders Ride.

  • marthawatt

    One way to get bikes more respect from those anti-bike folk (lets face it: Ford didn’t get into office because he hates bikers, people) is to…and I know this is going to irritate many…Follow the Rules of the Road. I am …astounded at the crazy riding that’s common downtown. (Bathurst/Yonge/Queen/Bloor)

    I’m a Rte 11 rider: that means me and the …20? other regulars have a painted bike lane. The biggest challenge is making sure the high school students getting dropped off for school don’t door me/hit me while I’m in the bike lane (no, it’s Not for parking, parents).

    Yes: there are bad car drivers FOR SURE; but bikers need to be the better driver to survive anyway. Follow the rules of the road and impress on those hater drivers that ‘we’ are responsible and smart and deserve respect. Hell, I don’t respect stupid bikers; why should a car driver?

  • I agree completely Martha.

    Some (and I think it’s a minority) of cyclists in Toronto (and everywhere, really) can’t seem to understand the irony in yelling at drivers who fail to share the road when they themselves flaunt traffic rules for their own convenience.

  • Dave Krentz

    Fully on board with the importance of following the same rules as cars … and this from a former Montreal bike courier!

  • Kelly Carmichael

    Let’s face it, motorists don’t even have courtesy for each other. Toronto has come a long way in the past ten years with a message that is palatable to motorists. Is there a reason we want to start a war with them? It will only create more animosity and they aren’t going away any time soon.

    We need to keep making our presence known and push for safe independent areas for bikes. Start working on a campaign to get a east/west connection – richmond/adelaide – there is enough room for dedicated bike lane with medians. pro-action is more effective than re-action.

    There is no need to panic, so far nothing has change. Focus and keep moving forward with positive change.

    The squeaky wheel always gets the grease!

  • Great comment Kelly.

    Plus, being positive is a heck of a lot more fun than being negative. :)

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