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On The Blogs: The Real Price of Gasoline

Michael Holloway looks at the Real Price of Gasoline, factoring in more than just the price at the pump:

As an addict of the bicycle as much as the rest of the culture seems to be addicted to pumping gasoline, I couldn’t agree more with Mayor Ford. The subsidies on the price of gasoline I pay through my taxes add up to $2.00 per litre!

From a study by the International Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) entitled, The Real Price of Gasoline (pdf):

“..costs […] are passed on to both gasoline users and nonusers by way of higher taxes, insurances costs, and retail prices for items other than gasoline. Effectively, the cost of gasoline is substantially higher than the price consumers pay at the pump, even though the majority of this cost is hidden from the public.”

Read the full post on Michael Holloway’s Blog

  • haha yummy yummy gasoline

  • When I was a kid I was in charge of mowing the grass – we lived on a 2 acre lot in the country so it was a big deal. Part of my duties was to maintain the little ‘Snapper’ riding lawn mower. One day I needed gasoline and my father told me to siphon some out of the car – so I got a hose and well… I’ve siphoned liquids before but never gasoline, and this time I swallowed when I should have clamped and spit.

    I burped a sickening mixture if stomach acids and leaded gasoline for a week… and that’s why I am thoroughly against the internal combustion engine to this day! ;)

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