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Mountain Bike Bridge Sabotage in the Don Valley

Alarming news out of the Don Valley… a series of bridges constructed by off-road and mountain bike cyclists are being sabotaged… with the clean lines of a sawzall saw being evident:

Timothy Charles, founder of the Toronto Off-Road Biking Association, said the supporting beam of the bridge appears to have been deliberately cut partway through in several places that couldn’t be seen by anyone crossing above.

The damage put the structure at risk of collapsing, which could have caused serious neck injury, broken bones or worse, he said on Sunday. He warned cyclists to be on their guard.

“Never cross any structure unless you’re sure of its safety,” Charles said.

The bridge is one of several spanning gullies on the hillside of the ravine near Overlea Blvd. and Thorncliffe Park Dr.

Be careful out there.

[Top photo from Toronto Star, by Timothy Charles; Photos below from Pedal Magazine, from Ted Ingram]

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  • Marcus Fleissner

    “Never cross any structure unless you’re sure of its safety,” Charles said. So does this work in practice? Does Charles stop before every bridge when biking or driving and run a safety inspection of the bridge?

  • swinefactory

    Sounds like someone’s begging for a ninja squad armed with very large u-locks to spend a few nights in the bushes… see how you like reinstalling your teeth, sawsall-man!