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Weekly Wrap-Up: Dandyhorse, Bixi, and Cycling with Traffic

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Bixi Toronto needs to get their subscription numbers up over 1000 before Nov. 30th, and they’re planning on getting there far ahead of that date. They are holding a “1000 Members Party” at SteamWhistle Brewery on Mon, Oct. 18th, and inviting all of their members and encouraging them all to bring along a non-member: BIXI […] Related posts: Bixi Toronto passes 200 Members! Bixi Toronto Passes 300 Members Reminder: Bixi Toronto Launch Party Tonight!
  • Dandyhorse Magazine launches their latest issue tonight at Parts & Labour (1566 Queen West): “Pants Optional” Launch Party Come celebrate Toronto on Two Wheels Music by DJ Triple-X Lots of great prizes Just $6 gets you a new magazine and pay-what-you-can donation (Dandyhorse is 100% volunteer-run). I picked up a copy of the new Dandyhorse […] Related posts: Dandyhorse Launch Party Tonight! Dandyhorse Launch Party Tonight Photos from the Dandyhorse Launch Party
  • via projection on flickr Related posts:Liberty Street Cyclery Cine Cycle Clendenan Avenue Cycle Clan Related posts: Liberty Street Cyclery Cine Cycle Clendenan Avenue Cycle Clan
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  • I thought david byrne would ride around NYC thinking of how to turn the Statue of Liberty into an oboe.
  • Considering how many cars I see stopped in the middle of crosswalks, there’s obviously going to be a few growing pains with these new bike boxes in Toronto. What are bike boxes and what do they do? Bike Boxes allow cyclists to move to the front of the line at red lights and position themselves […] Related posts: What are Bike Boxes? What Happened to Bike Boxes in Toronto? Handling Street Car Tracks and Difficult Intersections With “Indirect Left Turns”
  • The Toronto Cyclists Union is continuing their excellent work on getting cyclists involved in the municipal elections of Oct. 25th. They’ve just released a wrap-up (PDF) of the voting records of every member of City Council on all bike-related decisions, which they made with the help of the Election Survey done by TCAT recently: Check […] Related posts: TCAT Releases Results of Election Survey Some Mayoral Candidates ride with the Bike Union Heaps beats out Jenkins for the Toronto Cycling Committee…
  • You know something good is happening when regular Torontonians start making graphics that support people signing up for Bixi Toronto. The graphic to the right (designed by Cristina Matei) is appearing all over facebook today… encouraging people to sign up for Bixi Toronto and bring economical public bike rentals to Toronto. You can click it […] Related posts: Bixi Toronto hits 500 Memberships Bixi Toronto Passes 300 Members Bixi Toronto passes 200 Members!
  • via pigasus on flickr Related posts:G20 Bike Line Police Line Up Related posts: G20 Bike Line Police Line Up
  • Bixi Toronto is continuing their series of “Demonstration Stations” to show Torontonians how cool Bixi bikesharing is. Here are where you’ll find them later this week: Tuesday Oct 5: 10am to 3pm – St Lawrence Market – 92 Front Street East (map) Wednesday Oct 6: 12pm to 5pm – Toronto City Hall – 100 Queen […] Related posts: UPDATE: 150 Sign-Up for Bixi Toronto Where to see Bixi Toronto this week Bixi Toronto has signed up 700 people!
  • Here’s a fun rundown of everything going on over the next 7 days! Check out our @BikeTOevents account on twitter! Wed, Oct. 6: TBN Wednesday Wheelie Ride Thurs, Oct. 7: Bike Drinks Dandyhorse Launch Party Know of other events going on this week? Share them with BikingToronto readers in the Comments below. Click here to […] Related posts: Cycling Events This Week: Sept 27 – Oct 3 Cycling Events This Week: Aug 30 – Sept 5 Cycling Events This Week: April 26 – May 2
  • via ardenstreet on flickr No related posts. No related posts.
  • The TTC is planning on building a substantial “Barns” facility on the southeast corner of Leslie St. and Lake Shore Blvd., and has just completed an Environmental Assessment. Paul Young of the South Riverdale Community Health Centre has sent along his review of the EA: As you may know SET BUG and Bike Sauce have […] Related posts: New Unwin Bridge Coming for Martin Goodman Trail SmartCentres and their Dumb BigBox Parking Lot Plan for the Lakeshore Multi-Use Path Public Comments about Leslie Street…
  • BikingToronto member Cat B has done up a cool graph on her Velo T.O. blog about subscription numbers for Bixi: Bixi is looking more and more like a sure bet in Toronto! Have you signed up yet? The goal is to get 1000 memberships by November 30th. They definitely look well on their way to […] Related posts: Bixi Toronto reaches 600 Memberships Bixi Toronto has signed up 700 people! Learn More About Bixi Toronto
  • The 2010 Toronto Cycling Map includes a brief description of bike boxes, a piece of infrastructure soon to be seen on Toronto streets. Bike boxes will soon be installed at several intersections on Harbord and College. They allow cyclists to move to the head of waiting traffic, giving them priority for making left turns. Intersections […] Related posts: 2010 Toronto Cycling Map has Bike Boxes Let the Learning Begin; Bike Boxes at Harbord and St. George What Happened to Bike Boxes in Toronto?
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