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Weekly Wrap-Up: Bixi and the Toronto Mayoral Race

George Smitherman tries out BixiWelcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  Your best source for everything new and popular in Toronto bicycle stuff!

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Most Popular Stuff on the Site this week:

  1. Toronto Bikelane Map
  2. Some Mayoral Candidates ride with the Bike Union
  3. Rob Ford releases “Transportation Plan”
  4. Where to see Bixi Toronto this week
  5. George Smitherman signs up for Bixi Toronto
  6. Rocco Rossi Flip-Flops on Bikelanes
  7. Bixi Toronto Information Page
  8. Where will Bixi be in Toronto?
  9. Duncan’s City Ride
  10. Evergreen Brick Works Helps Usher In Cycling Infrastructure on Bayview

New Posts from all Blogs on BikingToronto:

  • Students and faculty at Ryerson University are very lucky to have one of the most exceptional examples of bicycle parking in all of Toronto. Ryerson’s campus features parking for roughly 1,000 bikes using racks, ring and posts, and an indoor parking facility. Unfortunately, for many campus commuters or cyclists heading down to the area it […] No related posts.
  • With fall weather comes wetter days, chillier winds and the need to add an extra layer when cycling around town. I recently viewed a few men’s cycling jackets that look just as good on or off of your bicycle. Today, it’s time to see what’s available for women: The Portland jacket by Showers Pass has […] Related posts: Covet: Men’s Cycling Jackets Covet: Wax Jacket and Bike to Work Pants from San Fran’s Betabrand In Review: Modrobes Euca Tee for Men and Women
  • A few days ago we told you about Rocco Rossi’s Flip-Flop on bikelanes on major streets (he likes the idea now). The Toronto Star has published a map (above) of where these physically-separate bikelanes would be. Rossi’s proposed network includes east-west lanes on Richmond St. between Parliament and Bathurst Sts., and the existing Wellesley Ave.-Harbord […] Related posts: Rocco Rossi Flip-Flops on Bikelanes Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi wants to stop (and tear out) bikelanes Jarvis starts getting…
  • via the_lawson42 on flickr Related posts:The Pursuit of Cool Related posts: The Pursuit of Cool
  • Photos of the Pro-Am race during the 2010 Queen’s Park Grand Prix No related posts.
  • Evergreen Brick Works recently held their grand opening, and while events and a market have been held at the site all summer, access by bicycle has been somewhat limited. Bayview, a street where the speed limit increases to 70 km/h (meaning 90 km/h to far too many drivers) in front of the Brick Works also […] Related posts: London Invests £111 Million in Cycling Infrastructure 2010 Toronto Cycling Map has Bike Boxes BikesandTransit Helps You Get to Free Outdoor Movies in Port Credit
  • The Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT) released the results of its 2010 Municipal Candidate Election Surveys yesterday: TCAT surveyed all Toronto candidates to provide voters the candidates’ views on active transportation issues and the concrete steps that can be taken to improve cycling and walking in Toronto. Surveys were sent in August 2010 to […] Related posts: Focus on Bikes and Complete Streets, Politicians Told George Smitherman Releases His Transportation Plan Sarah Thomson…
  • via andyscamera on flickr Related posts:Fleetwing Bicycle Day Tip Top Riding Related posts: Fleetwing Bicycle Day Tip Top Riding
  • Bixi Toronto is continuing their series of “Demonstration Stations” to show Torontonians how cool Bixi bikesharing is. Here are where you’ll find them later this week: Thursday Sept 30: Toronto General Hospital on University Ave. from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm Friday Oct 1st: Next to 555 university ave from 11 am to 2 pm […] Related posts: Bixi Toronto passes 200 Members! Bixi Toronto Passes 300 Members Bixi Toronto hits 500 Memberships
  • Sarah Thomson has dropped out of Toronto’s mayoral race and put her support behind George Smitherman. This is big news for cycling because Thomson’s “BikeCity” plan was the most thorough and best researched cycling platform out there (of the “Big Five” contenders of Ford, Smitherman, Rossi, Pantalone and Thomson herself). Whatever you thought of her […] Related posts: Sarah Thomson to announce “Bike City” Policy Sarah Thomson releases “Bike City” Plan George Smitherman signs up for…
  • It was only 6 days ago that we reported that Bixi Toronto had passed the 600 annual subscribers mark, and now we’re happy to tell you that they’ve passed the 700 level. This means that 700 Torontonians have each plunked down $95 ($107 with HST) for a membership that gives them unlimited rides around the […] Related posts: Bixi Toronto passes 200 Members! Bixi Toronto Passes 300 Members Bixi Toronto hits 500 Memberships
  • via the_lawson42 on flickr Related posts:Breaking Dawn Related posts: Breaking Dawn
  • This morning saw some of the candidates for mayor join the Toronto Cyclists Union for a little symbolic ride and press conference downtown today: The 30 minute ride, which stayed within the downtown core, allowed candidates to experience almost the full range of scenarios faced on a daily urban commute by bicycle. The ride took […] Related posts: Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi wants to stop (and tear out) bikelanes Bike Union Launches Newcomer Cycling Outreach Meet Nick Cluley of the Bike Union…
  • San Francisco-based Betabrand are just a small part of the growing clothing companies who are creating “casual-functional” cycling clothing. Their Wax Jacket has a slim motorcycle jacket fit. Waxed cotton is an “old-timey” outdoor fabric that appears to be having a little renaissance in the cycling community. The Wax Jacket also features reflective piping along […] Related posts: Covet: Four Women’s Cycling Jackets Covet: Men’s Cycling Jackets ‘Dragon’s Den’ lands Modrobes back on…
  • via andyscamera on flickr Related posts:Fleetwing II Bicycle Season Bicycle Day Related posts: Fleetwing II Bicycle Season Bicycle Day
  • via BikeManDan, via Married To The Sea. No related posts. No related posts.
  • Bike Sauce is a DIY bike repair space and community hub at 717 Queen street east. Hours Monday: 5pm-9pm Tuesday: 5pm-9pm Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 5pm-9pm Friday: 5pm-9pm Saturday: Noon-6pm Sunday: Noon-6pm Here’s a map I made so you’ll know exactly where bikeSauce is. Like the Arlo Guthrie song Alice’s Restaurant: Just walk right in it’s […] Related posts: South Riverdale Bicycle Repair Clinic Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki gets it’s First Contribution! BoingBoing’s Cory Doctorow’s take…
  • A few months ago, I posted about one of my favourite views on my commute home from work everyday… the view east along Wellesley – it’s urban, diverse and lively. I’d now like to share a part of my morning commute with you… a part that I was very grateful for during the heat of […] Related posts: Photos from my April Fools Day Commute Home A Favourite View My Cyclist Count for Wednesday March 10, 2010
  • Every Thursday between 1 – 3 PM 655 Queen East, main floor atrium This is kind of embarrassing. I’m not proud of the fact that for most of this summer my bicycle has been sitting idle with a broken chain. I consider myself a cycling advocate, I make bicycle route maps to help city planners […] Related posts: bikeSauce: DIY Bicycle Repair near Broadview and Queen Art Spin – a bicycle tour of Toronto art galleries – tomorrow night at 7PM! TransitCity faces Challenges creating Meaningful Bicycle…
  • Read the entire article at Utne Reader online. David Byrne’s audio book Bicycle Diaries is available to purchase at David Byrne’s website. David Byrne’s “Bicycle Diaries,” Podcast Style 9/15/2010 10:26:30 AM by David Doody David Byrne’s successful book, Bicycle Diaries, probably would have sold just fine as a traditional audiobook, as well. However, never one […] Related posts: Toronto Police Bicycle corps. re-purpose bicycles at G20 Summit for crowd control Bicycles Crushed as Building…

    REMINDER: Take a survey; help Toronto plan cycling infrastructure

    We’ve just posted our first survey for the development of Toronto’s Cycling Network Plan for the next 10 years. At this stage we are asking Toronto residents about values, so we can better understand the priorities of residents in different parts of the City. Understanding these priorities will help inform resource allocation. The geocoding and […]


    PHOTO OF THE DAY: Bike Share Toronto

    Source: Original photo – by Maurice P. on Flickr. Another location for Toronto’s bike share. Great way to get around town if in a hurry or you just want to get around without having to drive and worry about parking and traffic. via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking […]

    OH YEAH! New app helps Toronto cyclists report vehicles parked in bike lanes

    Toronto cyclists have a new tool in their fight over asphalt turf. TowIt, designed by local developer Michael McArthur, lets anyone snap a photo of scofflaw drivers parked illegally in bike lanes, share it online and plot it on map using their smartphone’s GPS. Although the app is designed for all road users, McArthur said it’s proven popular with local […]

    INFRASTRUCTURE: TCAT Announces Scarborough Cycles

    This looks amazing.  Scarborough Cycles! The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), in partnership with Cycle Toronto, Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank, and CultureLink, has launched an exciting new project called Scarborough Cycles: building bike culture beyond downtown. With 30% of Toronto’s landmass, 24% of its residents, and half a million cyclable trips (trips […]


    EVENT: Sat, June 6 – McLeish Orlando’s Helmets On Kids

      Helmets on Kids is collaborating this year with a the Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School bike fair. Come join us! Date: Saturday, June 6, 2015 – 10:00 – 14:00 Location: 78 Seaforth Ave. Toronto, ON, Toronto Original Link Read More: McLeish Orlando’s Helmets On Kids


    PHOTO OF THE DAY: Stripes

    Source: Original photo – by Fryderyk Supinski on Flickr.via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.


    HELP: Do you know these alleged bike thieves?

    The above is showing up on facebook tonight – a shot of two alleged bike thieves taking a bike off of a porch in Leslieville.  Let the poster know via the original post if you know anything. Please help us catch these bike thieves!! They stole my bike right off of our porch the afternoon of […]

    FACEPALM: Old man yells at bicycles, and fish

    It’s nice that the Toronto Sun has work programs for grumpy old men who like to bitch about everything. You can congratulate Mike Strobel on finding a job despite his challenges at @strobelsun They tell me the smelts are running up in Kagawong, so spring has finally sprung. Down here in the Big Smoke, we […]


    PHOTO OF THE DAY: Always Bring a Spare

    Source: Original photo – by cookedphotos on Flickr. Spotted on King Street. via Flickr. See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.


    STUFF: Bike Helmets for Your Toddler

    Bicycle helmets for your toddler now come in a variety of styles, sizes, and fun designs.   Read More: Bike Helmets for Your Toddler

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