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On The Blogs: Dressing for Winter

Appropriate DressOver on Claire’s Fletcher Five blog, she talks about making sure her hands and face are warm as the weather cools down:

I’m going to need some mittens. Probably several pairs, as I’m prone to losing stuff. And something to keep my nose and cheeks cozy. And legwarmers. The list goes on…

A question for you four-season cyclists: what’s the best piece of winter gear you own?

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  • My best piece of winter gear for when its snowing are my ski goggles. They let me see where I’m going with eyes wide open, no squinting.

    But my all-round most important piece of equipment changes as the temperature drops. Being old (70) my hands need to be kept warm in order to stay comfortable, so I have some thick polyester gloves currently, then i put them in thin nylon mitts when it’s closer to freezing, and when its below zero i put those same poly-esters into full blown insulated mitts with big generous cuffs that encase the sleeve of my jacket.

  • Couldn’t agree more David. Being able to see is an often misrepresented benefit when out riding LOL But gloves, spot on again!

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