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Bixi Toronto reaches 1000 Subscriber Goal

Bixi reaches 1000 membersBixi Toronto has now reached the goal of signing up 1000 annual subscribers for the public bike rental system scheduled to start in May 2011.  

The deadline for the 1000 goal was Nov. 30, so they reached that handily.

Here’s how the 1000 members were signed up, over time:

The 1000 subscribers is a great acheivement, but the Bixi System launching is not a sure thing yet – as Duncan writes:

However, Bixi Toronto is not a sure thing just yet. The good news is that you can help. In addition to 1,000 early subscribers the bike share system also needs to secure $600,000 in sponsorship. Of that total, ING Direct has contributed $450,000. The remaining money can come from both additional sponsors and from subscribers beyond the 1,000 mark.

That’s right… now that we’re over 1000 subscribers, any additional subscriber money can be counted towards the sponsorship money goal.

Have you signed up yet?  It’s $95 (+HST = $107.35) for an entire year!  That gives you unlimited free rides for an entire year (as long as your trip is less than 30 minutes).

There will be 1,000 Bixi bikes sprinkled all over the downtown core (click for map) at 80 Bixi stations… all between Bloor, Jarvis, Lake Ontario and Spadina.  The perfect transportation option for downtown zipping around.

Check out our Bixi Toronto Information Page for more info!