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Bixi Toronto hits 500 Memberships

500animationIt’s taken only 5 weeks for Bixi Toronto to sign up 500 people to annual memberships!

They need to sign up 1000 by Nov. 30… so they’re already 50% there!

Have you signed up yet?  It’s $95 (+HST = $107.35) for an entire year!  That gives you unlimited free rides for an entire year (as long as your trip is less than 30 minutes).

There will be 1,000 Bixi bikes sprinkled all over the downtown core (click for map) at 80 Bixi stations… all between Bloor, Jarvis, Lake Ontario and Spadina.  The perfect transportation option for downtown zipping around.

Check out our Bixi Toronto Information Page for more info!

  • “…It’s taken only 5 weeks for Bixi Toronto to sign up 500…”

    I believe 100 were announced as signed up by July 29 so I make that 400 over the five weeks since. But from July 29 the next 200 were added in only two weeks then it took three weeks to add the next 200… If this suggests a trend then it is strongly downward… (next 200 takes four weeks, next 200 takes five weeks…etc.)

    Makes sense that the first 500 are the “easiest”? Nov. 30 is 13 weeks from now. If they slow the rate of decline then they will be fine otherwise it’s going to be close. I wish `em luck of course!

  • I generally tried to post as soon as I heard they passed milestones:

    July 29: Bixi Toronto has 100 Members already! (100/day)
    July 30: UPDATE: 150 Sign-Up for Bixi Toronto (50/day)
    Aug. 2: Bixi Toronto passes 200 Members! (25/day)
    Aug. 11: Bixi Toronto Passes 300 Members (11/day)
    Sept. 1:Bixi Toronto hits 500 Memberships (10/day)

    So, at a 10/day rate, we’re looking at ~900 new members between now and the end of November, for a total of 1400.

    It generally can’t drop below 5-6/day if we’re going to hit 1000 by Nov. 30… but I can see a last minute push putting it over the top, if needed.

  • Just trying to point out a normal trend… (easiest signed up first.) They need to keep “pushing” but should *not* leave this `til the “last minute”!

  • Good idea, LocK & Joe, to break it down like that. We all need to be aware it’s going to be close!

    Joe, perhaps a graph is in order?


  • Eric26

    Since the Bixi project is (in my opinion) likely to fail even if 1000 people do sign up, the Bixi people really need to push it harder.

  • Why would it fail Eric? Similar programs are very successful all over North America and Europe.

  • duncan

    Great to see these numbers broken down. Helps to put into perspective this bizarre process. Imagine if the city had asked drivers to buy 407 transponders a year in advance of the highway being built? Imagine if we would only receive more downtown car parking if people bought passes one year in advance of a lot being built? Sure, people buy condos this way, but public infrastructure, never.

    The simple fact that 500 people have put down the money for a full year’s membership long before the system is even in place is testimony to the demand for an advanced bicycle sharing system in Toronto. The number of first weekend subscriptions to London’s Barclays Cycle Hire (same system and bikes at Bixi) was huge, 15,000 I believe. 1,000 early adopters is a strange caveat but it looks like we’re on track and I can’t wait to see these bikes downtown.

  • Agreed Duncan, and good point about the pre-construction sign-ups. :)

    To put it another way (a good way)… these 500 sign-ups (at $107.35 each, which includes all the tax) mean that ordinary, regular torontonians have already invested $53,675 in Bixi Toronto. :)

    Great job Toronto.

    I see a lot of people concerned that Bixi (stage 1) will not be “where they live”, but only downtown, and that’s why they aren’t signing up…. but I can see that once it starts, TONS of people signing up who take transit downtown to work, and then need to get somewhere else downtown. :)

  • Eric26, said

    “..Bixi project is (in my opinion) likely to fail…”

    Perhaps Eric26 you are referring to the limits city council put on the size of stage 1. With a small service area and a limited number of bikes.

    The service area (Spadina, Bloor, Jarvis) I noted on the map at Biki (http://toronto.bixi.com/index.php/frontend/news/news_article/61) doesn’t even include the lake side of Queens Quay – a huge tourist area with lots of room for Bixi Stations. Not only that but and the service box narrows at the bottom so only Queens Quay from Bay St. to Rees St. is in service.

    Furthermore the box is tiny relative to the City of Toronto proper (the ‘Old’ City of Toronto) and seems to cut out areas near the lake that I would think are obvious high volume traffic area in the summer – when most of these bikes are likely going to be in use.

    The timidity of City Council on this and all alternative transportation infrastructure initiatives speaks volumes to their commitment to, and more importantly I think, their understanding of the philosophy around the Transit City vision.

    This four wheel myopia, this unwillingness to change could yet spell the demise of the Bixi project in the long term. We need not only many more bikes and stations we need the separated bike way infrastructure to go with them!

    First things first though – 1,000 sign-ups (for only $95) by November 30!

  • I guess we should start referring to BIXI as


    or perhaps,



  • “…This four wheel myopia, this unwillingness to change could yet spell the demise of the Bixi project in the long term. ..”
    Mighta mentioned this here already but this was the experience in Paris (France)… Initial efforts were small scale aka lame. They expanded and only then did the effort “take off”. Bixi Toronto will only succeed if the Politicos put their shoulders to it… As a sceptic I don’t have high hopes (Hi Rob Ford!) but I continue to hope anywayz…

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