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Weekly Wrap-Up: More Bixi-licious!

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  Your best source for everything new and popular in Toronto bicycle stuff!

Bixi Toronto is still dominating most bike news this week!  Check out all our posts tagged with “Bixi” or our Bixi Toronto Information Page for more info.

Most Popular Stuff on the Site this week:

  1. Segway of Ontario Turns Rob Ford Hate into Marketing Opportunity
  2. Toronto Bikelanes Map
  3. Bixi Toronto lands ING Direct as Primary Sponsor
  4. The Challenge of Bixi Thriving in Today’s Toronto
  5. Where will Bixi be in Toronto?
  6. Weekly Wrap-Up: More Bixi, More Bikes!
  7. Covet: Globe Bikes 2011 Daily Models
  8. BikeSauce Launches their Social Hub and Library
  9. Toronto City Council passes Bixi Toronto Public Bike Program
  10. G20 Bike Line

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New Posts from all Blogs on BikingToronto:

Earlier today, we were the first (and the only, still) with the news about the great primary sponsorship arrangement between Bixi Toronto and ING Direct. Now we bring you the press release announcing this: Mayor David Miller and representatives from the Public Bike System Company (PBSC) have welcomed ING DIRECT Canada as […] Related Photos
  • Big news from Bixi Toronto today! They’ve landed ING Direct as a primary sponsor for the system! This not only lends a lot of credence to the assertion that a BikeSharing system is viable in Toronto, but that big companies will sponsor it and keep it healthy. This sponsorship not only puts Bixi Toronto well on their […] Related Photos
  • via Chewie2008 on flickr Related posts:Bike and the City Happy Bike Wednesday Pink Kitty Related posts: Bike and the City Happy Bike Wednesday Pink Kitty
  • With the expanded and improved Bixi Toronto website, there’s a lot more information about the opportunities for businesses to sponsor Bixi Toronto stations: The cost for sponsoring a Bixi station over a 3-year term is 60,000. From the Bixi Toronto website: The many benefits: Your company’s name or logo will be affixed to the station you sponsor Your […] Related Photos
  • You may remember last week’s post about us dropping off some I Bike T.O. shirts at the BikeSauce space… well the ‘Sauce had a big day on Saturday, launching their new social hub (with free wifi!) and library with an Open House, Family Ride, Alleycat Races and a Keg Party. Some cool photos of one of […] No related posts. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin .
  • This past Saturday saw a big day at BikeSauce, the DIY space at Queen East and Broadview Avenue. Between an Open House, a Family Ride to the Leslie Spit, Alley Cat Races and a Keg Party, the ‘Sauce “got their sauce on”, if ya know what I mean. They had fun doing it all day. The newly […] Related Photos
  • “Art Spin” as Duncan has already posted here at BikingToronto “Events”, “..is an art crawl style bicycle tour of art galleries, art performances and artist’s studios in Toronto’s west end art district.”I found the video below while browsing Vemeo with the search terms “newest” and “cycling”.The next tour is Thursday, August 26th. Meet at the […] Related posts: Toronto Police Bicycle corps. re-purpose bicycles at G20 Summit for crowd control Michael Bryant and Spin Doctors…
  • Have you checked out the Bixi Toronto website recently? You should! They’ve just enhanced it hugely, with sections devoted to: Get Rolling with Bixi Subscription / Fees Sponsorship News FAQs Check it out at http://toronto.bixi.com You can also check out our Bixi Toronto Information Page for more info! This post written by: Joe T. Joe started BikingToronto along with designing BikingToronto’s popular I Bike T.O. […] Related Photos
  • We updated you when they passed 100, then 150… then 200 and now Bixi Toronto is saying that they’re up 300 Members already. They need to sign up 1000 by Nov. 30… so they’re already 30% there! That’s in just 2 weeks since they launched membership sign-ups on July 28th. Have you signed up yet? It’s $95 […] Related Photos
  • via sevenman on flickr Related posts:Island Beach Beach Bike Summer is Coming Related posts: Island Beach Beach Bike Summer is Coming
  • Oh those nutty “Fun Officers!” As the video states, mention that you saw their rebuttal to Rob Ford and get the first 2 hours of your bicycle rental for free before September 20th, 2010.More information about Segway of Ontario bicycle rentals here. Related posts:Anonymous Sign Maker Points to Benefits of Bike Lanes on JarvisHandling Street Car […] Related posts: Anonymous Sign Maker Points to Benefits of Bike Lanes on Jarvis Handling Street Car Tracks and Difficult Intersections With “Indirect…
  • Way back when I bought my first used car, friends of mine took me to a local scrapyard. We searched for abandoned and forgotten parts to “spruce” up my new ride. Had I had a bit more ingenuity, I may have stripped down the old car seats and removed the seat belts to make beautiful […] Related posts: Mariclaro Re Cycle Design Event Covet: Handmade Messenger Bags Created Right Here in Toronto Covet: Everyday Eco Items by The Straight Stitch
  • Today, as a test I made this map in Google Maps using their “My Maps” feature. This is a route from Queen’s Quay and Lower Sherbourne to the “Darcy Allen Sheppard Memorial Bikeway” (my invention, from Huntley west on Bloor to Avenue Road). A bicycle icon marks the spot where messengers, and many more set up […] No related posts. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin .
  • Toronto Police Services are currently handing out warnings to drivers and cyclists who fail to stop for open streetcar doors.I’ve seen some people on bikes coast by open doors in the hopes of passing streetcars and getting ahead of traffic. While illegal this behaviour is also incredibly rude. People often rush when leaving or trying […] Related posts: Fewer Stop Signs Attract Motorists, Not Cyclists Handling Street Car Tracks and Difficult Intersections With “Indirect Left Turns” A Pro…
  • via brian cameron on flickr Related posts:Bikes and Blossoms Flowery G20 Bike Line Related posts: Bikes and Blossoms Flowery G20 Bike Line
  • Sure, your bicycle can take you all over town, it can carry some of your stuff and it can even be a great conversation starter but, has your bicycle opened a bottle for you lately?Design duo, Chromoly have that problem solved. Introducing the Road Popper.More info or to purchase here. Related posts:Bicycle Courier Starter Kit – […] Related posts: Bicycle Courier Starter Kit – Just $500… Job Included? Green P Pedal ‘N Park Locations Throughout Toronto Trends in Bicycle Design and Use:…
  • Just try and not get this song stuck in your head all day! Via Torontoist Related posts:Big cars, Red Pumps and an 80s Commute in Toronto Related posts: Big cars, Red Pumps and an 80s Commute in Toronto
  • Monday, August 9, 2010Found this on Twitter today: twitter.com/ARTCRANK“ARTCRANK” —> art, crank.“A Poster Party for Bike People”Cyclists are, at this time, in this place, Avant-garde-ists, among other things. They’re the kind of people who like to break boundaries. They are contrarians; they like being on the outside. They’re critical thinkers, they like to deconstruct the […] Related posts: Video: Art Spin – a bicycle tour of Toronto art galleries Bixi: The London UK Experience –…
  • Via Toronto Cyclists Union:Fun & Safe Cycling in Toronto!Check out this free workshop on Saturday, August 14th, that’s being offered as part of the Newcomer Cycling Outreach Program. This workshop is just the thing for a newcomer to Toronto, or if you want to brush up on your cycling knowledge. Pass […] Related posts: Just Released: Bicycle Film Festival 2010 Toronto Schedule Green P Pedal ‘N Park Locations Throughout Toronto BIKE Drinks with Toronto Cyclists Union and T-shirts: August 5, 2010…
  • Did you know that there are not one but two companies crafting handmade messenger bags in Toronto (possibly more)?Push the Envelope has been creating distinctive messenger bags since 1995.Under the Weather was started in Amsterdam in 2000, relocating to Toronto in 2001.Two exciting messenger bag brands that call Toronto home!Visit the Push the Envelope web […] Related posts: Covet: Repurposed Car Parts and Inner Tubes Become Mariclaro Bags Covet: Beautiful, Handmade, Wooden Bicycle Baskets Covet:…
  • Here’s a fun rundown of everything going on over the next 7 days! You can always find this info or events far into the future on the always updating Events […] Related Photos
  • via dandmb50flickr on flickr Related posts:Bike Cops on Standby Police Line Up G20 Tall Bike Related posts: Bike Cops on Standby Police Line Up G20 Tall Bike
  • Looks pretty familiar, eh? Metro Transit in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, much like the TTC and GO Transit here, allow you to mix bikes and transit taking you further and faster by making the transition easier. Even in the snow! Toronto and the GTA have a similar mix of bicycle transportation aids on our transit systems. […] Related posts: The New Bikes + Transit Web Site has GPS, Maps BikesandTransit Helps You Get to Free Outdoor Movies in Port Credit Cargo Bikes; Big in New York (and Toronto…
  • Sunday, August 8, 2010 (updated with video, August 9th) ““Carving Vehicles” from Trikke Tech Inc.” This is new one on me. Trikke (pronounced ‘trike’) is a three wheeled scooter with flexible axial orientation that allows you to power it like you would a pair of rollerblades. A scooter and rollerblades morphed into one. You power forward simply by […] Related posts: Bicycles Crushed as Building facade falls on Yonge Street sidewalk Tour de France Stage 2 – Bikes down all over the place!
  • The Toronto Cyclists Union is getting close to signing up their 1000th member, and they’re having a contest in partnership with Curbside Cycle and ING Direct. They’re giving away a Batavus Bicycle! JOIN the Toronto Cyclists Union IN the month of AUGUST for a chance to WIN A unique custom painted Dutch Batavus BIKE! As your […] Related Photos
  • The above video was part of the !ola team’s submissions for promoting urban, everyday cycling in the Yoxi Pilot Competition. When I reviewed my Modrobes Euca Tee I took a few post-ride photos of my sweat-stained t-shirt. I opted not to use them in my review, but I’m kicking myself now for not seeing the fashion-forward […] Related posts: Dublin Cycle Chic Fashion Show Social Cycling: Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike! Toronto 2010 416cyclestyle Toronto Cycle Chic Search – Spring Moments
  • About Wheels4Life:Wheels4Life is a non-profit charity (501c(3)), that provides free bicycles for people in need of transportation in Third World countries. We partner with local individuals, organizations and other groups to help us identify persons who sincerely need a bike to be able to go to school or to work. Often […] Related posts: London Invests £111 Million in Cycling Infrastructure These Kids Biked to School in Brooklyn, You Should Bike to Work On Toronto Island; Pedal Powered School Buses…
  • The City is looking into improving John Street but should it include a bike lane? Related posts: Bike lanes needed on arterial roads Toronto’s Best Bike Lane My Criticsm on Candidate Rossi’s Statement
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