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Results of Toronto Police’s Bicycle Campaign

We told you Monday of a short Bicycle and Pedestrian safety campaign Toronto Police were doing.  It ended yesterday and the TPS have released the results (PDF):

During the campaign, the following H.T.A. offences notices were issued [to 250 cyclists and pedestrians]:

  • Improper bicycle lighting: 32
  • Improper brakes on bicycle: 4
  • No−horn, bicycle: 84
  • Cyclist ride in crossover: 1
  • Cyclist fail to stop for police: 7
  • Bicycle − unable to keep both hands on handle bars: 1
  • Bicycle with 62cm wheels ride on sidewalk: 27
  • Disobey red light and stop sign: 211
  • Pedestrian fail to use crosswalk: 28
  • Pedestrian disobey red light: 8
  • Pedestrian disobey “don’t walk” signal: 12

Police are reminding cyclists to obey all traffic rules of the road and ensure they have proper
bicycle equipment. All pedestrians must make use of proper crosswalks and not cross the
road mid−block.

As we mentioned on Monday… if you are stopped during one of these campaigns, and as long as you are a safe cyclist with the proper equipment (bell, lights, etc) you don’t have anything to worry about.

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