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How To Spend $5000 on Promoting Bikes in Toronto

If you haven’t heard, BikingToronto has made a submission in the NameOurCondo.com condo-naming contest. We have a chance to win $5000 to put towards bikes in Toronto.

The submission we made was “Hummingbird“. We chose this name partly because actual hummingbirds are dynamic, lively and beautiful (like all good condos should be) and partly because the condo site is directly south of the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts… formerly known as the Hummingbird Centre (named after the company, not the bird).

The way this contest works is that on August 20th, the top 10 voted submissions go before a panel of judges. The winning name wins a prize of $5000, while the top 2 vote-getters get Apple iPads.

Oh, and people can vote EVERY day. That’s important. EVERY day.

Here at BikingToronto, we’ve been thinking about what we’d put the $5000 towards to help promote biking in Toronto. It would have to be something that gets more people on bikes (because that helps make the streets safer) and something non-political (because with the election coming, we’ve all had enough politics).

bixicontestWe’ve decided that, if we win the $5000 (which we need YOUR HELP in doing), we’d use ALL of it to buy a whole load of Bixi Toronto memberships and then give them away for free! We’ll give them to cyclists, we’ll give them to non-cyclists! We don’t discriminate.

How many Bixi memberships are we talking about here? We’re talking 46 memberships at $107.35 (price includes HST) each!

Bixi Toronto has the ability to change the streetscape of Toronto (for the better) and we want to help it as much as we can.

Go here and VOTE HUMMINGBIRD today. And Tomorrow, and the next day… and the next…

(oh… and if we don’t win the $5000 but do win an iPad?  We’ll give that away too!)  :)

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