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Bixi Toronto lands ING Direct as Primary Sponsor

Big news from Bixi Toronto today!  They’ve landed ING Direct as a primary sponsor for the system!

This not only lends a lot of credence to the assertion that a BikeSharing system is viable in Toronto, but that big companies will sponsor it and keep it healthy.

This sponsorship not only puts Bixi Toronto well on their way towards their $600,000 sponsorship milestone they need to achieve by Nov. 30, but will most likely increase membership sign-ups, as Torontonians will see that this thing is serious and *is* going to happen.

Here are a couple photos that the CEO of ING Direct, Peter Aceto, has posted from the Press Conference:



The CBC’s Steven D’Souza also grabbed a photo at the event:


Check out our Bixi Toronto Information Page for more info about Bixi!

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