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Bike Racks Coming to Yorkville

There has been much handwringing in the cycling community about the lack of bikeracks and bikelanes in the “revitalized” Bloor-Yorkville Business Improvement Area.

While there are no bikelanes, there are sharrows, and now that construction is reaching final stages, new sleek and modern bikeracks are making an appearance.


Photo from ChrisKayTO on Twitter

  • A.R.

    They look great. I was worried that the BIA was working to banish cyclists from the area.

  • twowheelsarebetterthannone

    No offence, but having been in Europe with a bike, I find this news a little laughable. It’s worth — not being a dick here. But it’s such a war in this city (and other cities in North Am) that a simple place to lock one’s bike is NEWS.

    Glad to hear it, though.

  • Good point. Some bikeracks should NOT be news. But it is. :)

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