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Weekly Wrap Up: Happy Canada Day!

canada day

[photo by Dr. llia, via Duncan’s City Ride]

Happy Friday!  Here’s some good links of all the new and popular stuff from the past week!

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  • Tour de France 2010: Grand Depart – Rotterdam Prologue (July 3)
    Yes it’s that time of year again. “Le Tour” starts tomorrow! The 97th Tour de France, Saturday July 3 – Sunday July 25th covers 3,596 km (2,234 mi). A… [Michael Holloway’s Blog]
  • I Bike T.O. Shirt spotted at June’s Critical Mass
    Flickr photog Sevenman spotted an I Bike T.O. shirt at June’s Critical Mass: We always looking photos of people wearing their cycling pride on their shirts. Let us know… [I Bike T.O.]
  • Bells on Bloor 2010
    via Red Gecko Productions on flickr [Photo of the Day]
  • How to Lock Your Bike Properly – Do You Make the Grade?
    I cringe every time I see an expensive u-lock only holding a front wheel (with a quick release) to a bike rack. I cringe every time I see a…[Duncans City Ride]
  • Happy Canada Day 2010
    It’s shaping up to be a beautiful Canada Day. Enjoy it to its fullest on your bike. Head down to the Harbourfront, the Beach or anywhere else but beware……[Duncans City Ride]
  • You’ll <3 our new Shirts!
    dee-lisch! Wore the good stuff to the shop? Don’t want to get dirty? Earn a stain or two on this! Sauce is proud to announce that we now have new…[BikeSauce]
  • Send an email to the city anyway
    URGENT Call for Action: Bike Lanes on John Street! Send the City an email before Thursday, July 1 Want more bike lanes in the downtown core? Wish the St…[BikeSauce]
  • SoDa Bikes Hits up the Sauce. tues jul 06
    Get your input about this ward, being ward 30 with SoDa. Then join the meeting on July 6! SET BUG (South East Toronto Bicycle User Group) and SoDa BIke:… [BikeSauce]
  • MEC Bikefest this Saturday.
    Our contributor, Mountain Equipment Co-Op will be hosting Bikefest in Liberty Village! Celebrate bicycles and GTA’s bicycle community and bringing it to the Newbs and curious. It’s all good… [BikeSauce]
  • Untitled
    Can you believe it! We’re open! Come on out to sauce your ride and then after that we’ll be screening movies on the bike projector. A real treat for… [BikeSauce]
  • Wipeout!
    I finally did it – I got over my fear of biking on the Queensway and took the kids on a leisurely ride to Sunnyside Park. Before we left,… [Fletcher Five]
  • Man Divorces Bike, Posts “Naked” Photos On Craigslist
    Hah! If you’re offended by “blue” language and viciously personifying inanimate objects, read no further. terrible divorce with my Giant XTC 2 – $750 (Cabbagetown) Date: 2010-06-29, 11:07PM EDT…[Duncans City Ride]
  • Bells on Bloor
    via sevenman on flickr [Photo of the Day]
  • Upcoming BikeMonth Events (June 30)
    Plan out what BikeMonth events to attend… click on the event name for more details. Wed, June 30th TBN’s Wednesday Wheelie Ride [BikeMonth]
  • Toronto Police Bicycle corps. re-purpose bicycles at G20 Summit for crowd control
    This weekend I saw many examples of how police were re-purposing the bicycle. I was distressing for me to see bicycles being used as weapons and as “aggressive fences”… [Michael Holloway’s Blog]
  • In The News: June 29, 2010
    We’re thinking about starting up sharing news links again. Here are some recent news articles involving bikes: Vitess offers luxury bikes – at a price – thestar.com Unlike other… [Main Blog]
  • Local DIYer Shows You How to Make a Bike Garden
    How cool is this? Toronto blogger is assigning herself 52 DIY tasks over the year. The one shown above, is a bike garden. Who wants to run to the… [Duncans City Ride]
  • The Bixi Anthem
    Thanks to an email we just received from Patrick Guay of the Montreal band Da Gryptions, I present to you the video for their “Bixi Anthem”, which is getting… [Main Blog]
  • Covet: Bent Basket
    I really seem to be obsessed with carrying things on wood on bicycles these days. Here’s another design for a bike-mounted rack, called the Bent Basket. Thick nylon straps…[Duncans City Ride]
  • Tune-Up Special
    via squeakyrat on Flickr If you’re interested, this Tune-Up Special is at CycleMania at 281 Danforth (halfway between Chester and Broadview). They also have a location at 863 Bloor… [Photo of the Day]
  • Upcoming BikeMonth Events (June 29 – 30)
    Plan out what BikeMonth events to attend… click on the event name for more details. Tues, June 29th Sunnybrook/ Don Valley Ride Evening Cycle along the Scarborough Bluffs Wed,… [BikeMonth]
  • Kensington Bike Rack
    via Alan Bell on flickr [Photo of the Day]
  • Cycling Events This Week: June 28 – July 4
    Here’s a fun rundown of everything going on over the next 7 days! You can always find this info or events far into the future on the always updating… [Main Blog]
  • Beater Bike Re-Review
    A little while back I went to Resistor Gallery to check out the Beater Bikes with a friend of mine. I liked the bike’s ruggedness and simplicity which would… [Bikeroo in TO]
  • Bicycle Film Festival Toronto – August 18-21, 2010
    According to the Bicycle Film Festival web site, the Toronto fest will be held August 18-21, 2010 although no further details are available just yet. Last year’s event was…[Duncans City Ride]
  • Dublin Cycle Chic Fashion Show
    Some people may be attracted to commuter cycling by its environmental and health benefits, but of course, that’s not always the case. In Ireland, Dublin City Council, staged a…[Duncans City Ride]
  • Upcoming BikeMonth Events (June 28 – 30)
    Plan out what BikeMonth events to attend… click on the event name for more details. Tues, June 29th Sunnybrook/ Don Valley Ride Evening Cycle along the Scarborough Bluffs Wed,… [BikeMonth]
  • BIXI in Toronto
    As most of us already know, the City of Toronto has recently joined the growing number of cities with a public bike sharing program. BIXI Toronto, based off of… [Main Blog]
  • Upcoming BikeMonth Events (June 27 – 30)
    Plan out what BikeMonth events to attend… click on the event name for more details. Sun, June 27th The Healing Cycle Ride for Palliative Care Zareinu Ride Easy Roller… [BikeMonth]
  • Covet: Beautiful, Handmade, Wooden Bicycle Baskets
    Spotted near College Street and Dovercourt, a pair of bicycles with stunning most likely custom and handmade wooden crate baskets. The one pictured above had a curved bottom, which… [Duncans City Ride]
  • Upcoming BikeMonth Events (June 26 – 30)
    Plan out what BikeMonth events to attend… click on the event name for more details. Sat, June 26th Toronto Bicycling Network Ride Urbane Cyclist – Celebrate the Finer Things… [BikeMonth]
  • More Consideration For Cyclists in the Works
    City council is evaluating high traffic intersections for the University of Toronto Area, and Yorkville. These are “Bike Boxes”. These boxes aren’t so complicated just that an area is made…[BikeSauce]
  • At M.E.C.’s Bikefest look for Bike Sauce
    July 3rd we have a table and will be ready to serve the BikeSauce to you! Near Liberty Village is a stadium and that’s where some sauciers will be. More…[BikeSauce]
  • M.E.C. Awards $$$ to Bike Sauce
    Some News: MEC has awarded us a Grant! As part of what we do is to encourage a “Green Alternative” and “Low Footprint” method of transportation is how we are… [BikeSauce]

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