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I found out today that there’s a contest for naming a brand new condo at Yonge and Esplanade.

They are offering a $5000 prize (free iPads to #2 and #3) for the winning submission, and are being cool and having public voting to determine the 10 finalists.

Since the site for the new condo is right beside the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (formerly the Hummingbird Centre), I submitted the name “Hummingbird“.

As well, hummingbirds are aerodynamic, active, constantly in motion and beautiful.

Why am I posting about this here? Well, I thought that if “Hummingbird” does end up being the winning entry, I thought I’d put the money towards BikingToronto. We have a revenue-sharing system here on the site with the most active of our awesome bloggers, so they would see some of the money… but also it would help immensely with covering costs of the site as well as going towards promotional materials and publicizing I Bike T.O. shirts (where all profits are given to charity)..

You can click here to vote for Hummingbird Condos

I’ve also set up some Twitter and Facebook pages for you to follow and like, if you want to. :)

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