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Jarvis Street, During Bikelane Installation

Remember the horrific gridlock that was supposed to bring Jarvis to a standstill when it went from 5 lanes to 4? Hasn’t happened. Neal Jennings shot this video at 5:01 pm yesterday (Tuesday).

We’re continuing our series of Jarvis Bikelane Photo Posts (see the “before” photos here) with a “During” post.  Photos again by Neal Jennings… not only a cool accountant (we use his services) but a super nice guy too.

The parking is gone… the center lane has been lined off, and dashed lines are marking where new lane markers will go. :)

  • Clay Jones

    I bike south down Jarvis every night after work, usually between 5 and 5:!5. I can tell you that tonight, the north-bound lane was completely jammed from Isabella to as far south past Wellesley as I could see.

    That being said I don’t blame the bikelane work, but the fact that 90% of the vehicles had one occupant. Drivers really have no one to blame but themselves.

  • duncan

    Good point, Clay. The traffic delays are caused by a seemingly simultaneous exodus of cars from the downtown and because each car or truck typically has just one occupant. We can’t design public infrastructure around these short time periods and selfish attitudes.

  • I wonder if any city has made a street “carpool only”… ie. in order to drive on it, a vehicle must have 3 or more people in it.

    I know a few lanes on certain Toronto streets have this… as well as some highways now (like the 404 between 7 and the 401). It would be interesting if a government said “single occuppant cars are too inefficient and are a drain on our infrastructure … if you drive by yourself, you can use this ONE lane of the 401. The rest of the lanes are for carpools.” I bet THAT would change behaviour. :)

  • Two things:

    First, not one cyclist was seen in the video.

    Next, I do support bike lanes for Jarvis. However, I would not ride in the middle of the road. I saw a couple of cars veering into the centre-bike lanes. Keep bike lanes close to the side of the road.

  • @Skinny – read up a little more on this. The bikelanes are going in on the sides of Jarvis, not the middle. The street is currently in a transitional phase… hence the “During” in the title of this post.

  • Ian

    This is the most silly thing ever to happen to Jarvis street. Why would the city transition a very busy road to accompany bike lanes, when the two smaller , less travelled by car, side streets are less than 1 min bike ride either way to each side.

    Yet again the city of Toronto has made an error and weakened to the needs of needy groups.


    If bikers want to be treated the same as other vehicles, then they should have to follow the rules of the road. Not swerve in and out of traffic, not drive between teh two lanes of cars, not ride through red lights, etc etc. Either you get treated the same, or you ride on the sidewalks. You dont get the best of both worlds

    I have no problem swerving infront of a bike who is breaking teh rules of the road

  • Thanks for your trollish comment Ian. :) I think you may have confused our site with another one where the level of discourse is much lower.

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