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Have You Tried the New Jarvis? Tell Us About It!

We’ve put out a call on twitter for stories of the new Jarvis during rush hour this morning… and would like to extend the invitation here too.

Did you try out the new Jarvis bikelanes this morning?  Did you like them?  Were cars still moving along just fine?

I tried them out at approx. 8:20 this morning, and things were doing fine.  In fact, the street was practically EMPTY between Wellesley and College St.

Let us know in the comments below!

  • Tried it yesterday around 3pm, and it was lovely! Traffic moved great, felt really good, was so nice to go straight from Gerrard to Jarvis!

  • J. MacMillan

    Overall, I like them. However, it’s not as easy now going northbound to turn onto Charles Street East. The dedicated left-hand turn lane is gone. It feels awkward now to leave the bike lane, cross 2 lanes of traffic (n/b to Mounr Pleasant) and move into the single northbound lane. Clearly, you can’t wait there and must overshoot the intersection, do a U-turn, and wait for the next green to turn right onto Charles Street East. Awkward! Conceivably, cars waiting for the left-hand flashing green will result in traffic backing up south of Isabella.

  • Elizabeth

    I was at St.Lawrence Market on Friday and Saturday (7 & 8 August) en route to Yonge and College the first day and Yonge and Bloor the secontd day. I decided to try the lanes. Both times it was around 2:00pm.

    I am absolutely appalled. Here are the main reasons:

    1. The bike lane doesn’t even start until Queen and then inexplicably ends at the Mount Pleasant turnoff. It felt decidedly dangerous there being suddenly stuck out in the middle of traffic. I can only imagine it would be much worse on a weekday when there are lots of cars continuing north onto Mount Pleasant.
    2. The road is in such terrible shape, with fissures and cracks all through the new lane.
    3. The lane is too narrow.
    4. Several cars drove by in the inside lane (ie: closest to the bike lane) going faster than the speed limit and hugging the bike lane line rather than the other car lane line.
    5. There is no connecting bike lane when turning onto Carlton. The College bike lane does not begin until Bay St.

    Once again, it’s time for the city to repave the roads rather than slap down a little useless paint with equally useless bicycle decals. If I were commuting from the north to go downtown, I would NEVER choose to use Jarvis.