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Bixi Toronto Website now Up and Running

The new Toronto.Bixi.com website is now up and running, right on schedule!


bixi-subscribeIf you are wondering if you can sign-up for Bixi Toronto (even if you missed last night’s party)… the answer is YES! They’ve got a sign-up section all ready to go! Become one of the first 1,000 founding members of Bixi Toronto and help start Toronto down another path to making our great city even MORE bike-friendly!

The system is scheduled to start in May 2011 with 80 bikestations holding 1000 bikes sprinkled around the downtown core… from Bloor in the north, Jarvis in the east, Lake Ontario to the south and Spadina to the west.  This will ensure that Bixi stations are 300 meters (or less) apart… and allow for quick and easy jaunts around downtown.

Here’s a fuzzy photo from gaz2002 from the Launch party of the coverage area:


Monreal’s Bixi system went from 2,400 to 5,000 bikes within a year, so hopefully Toronto will follow thst trend!

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