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Bike Unionist Busted for Biking down the Middle of Jarvis

What a tabloid-esque headline for a biking story!

Yesterday, the Executive Director of the Toronto Cyclists Union, Yvonne Bambrick (I think she’s also the Director of Communication and Events, but I don’t know if she’s made the switch yet) received two tickets for riding her bike down the middle of Jarvis.  She now has two $110 tickets — one under the Highway Traffic Act for failing to drive in a marked lane and one under the municipal code for not keeping both hands on her handlebars.

Yvonne was nice enough to take photos of her tickets.

Yvonne was nice enough to take photos of her tickets.

It should be noted though, that Yvonne was doing it for a good cause… trying to take photos of what NOT to do.  Maybe next time she’ll park her bike and take photos while walking across a crosswalk.  Stuff like this just provides fodder for the Sun and their readership.

Kudos to Yvonne for trying to get photos like this though:

Dont Do This.  These Arent Bikelanes

Don't Do This. These Aren't Bikelanes

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