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Photos from the Bloor Viaduct Bikelane Improvements

Michelle St. Amour of the DIY shop BikeSauce has published some photos of the bikelane improvements being striped on the Bloor Viaduct I mentioned yesterday – including wider lanes, a small “buffer” between bikes and cars, and sharrows marked where bikes need to cross car traffic exiting from Bloor onto the Don Valley Parkway:

Thanks for the great photos Michelle!

  • Much better!

    But I still think we could make people feel more comfortable, by adding a simple fence to segregate bikes from motorists. Here’s a photo I took in Shanghai: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_PK0EOWvC8YI/S9zgfE5JUzI/AAAAAAAAGdU/o9MsIJgay04/s1600-h/IMG_4645%5B5%5D.jpg

    The fence also helps to prevent pedestrians from jaywalking, and it keeps delivery vehicles out of the bike lane.

    It would be very cheap to implement – I don’t know why we don’t do it here. I think it could easily be done on the Bloor viaduct, and even on Strachan Ave. It wouldn’t work well on College street because of the car parking, but eventually the parking spots will have to go.

    What do you all think about a fence like this in Toronto? Should we push it on Mr. Egan and City Hall?

  • I like the look of those fences… and they’d be great on bikelanes along the Viaduct or say the bikelanes on Lawrence East or the ones planned for alongside TransitCity lines.

    I think downtown such fences aren’t needed as much due to lower traffic speeds and higher numbers of cyclists… but it would stll be good to have low curbs on bikelanes downtown.

    I also think the jaywalking is good for a city (and is technically legal in Toronto, unless you are doing it very close to a marked crossing) because it helps slow traffic down and makes a street more people-friendly.

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