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Weekly Wrap-Up: Most Popular!

We have a bit of an abbreviated Wrap-Up this week.  My wife and I are expecting our first baby (it could happen any time now) so things have been a little hectic, to say the least. :)

Charges Against Michael Bryant Have Been Dropped

All criminal charges have been withdrawn against former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant.  Special prosecutor Richard Peck made the surprise announcement in a Toronto courtroom Tuesday morning.

1,000 BikePosts (possibly) being removed for Toronto G20 Summit

BikingToronto member and blogger Duncan has noticed in the latest Cyclometer (the City’s official cycling newsletter) a notice that 1000 post-and-ring bike stands (you may know them as “lollipops”) are being removed for the G20 summit on June 25-27

“The city is a boneyard of broken cyclists, all hit by drivers…”

Now, I drive a car too, and can list the reasons why I choose to bike most days: the smell of lilac bushes in the morning, the sense of freedom, the endorphins. But I can also tell you that I get frightened on my bike in a way I never am in a car. There’s no airbag protecting me. When you nudge too close, my heart races. And when you lean out of your window and tell me to go to hell, I don’t have a window to role up.

Toronto City Council passes Bixi Toronto Public Bike Program

BikingToronto is happy to tell you that Toronto City Council has passed the BIXI Toronto program motion: 33 for and 8 against.

One more bike commuter

Well, I did it. Or at least I’m going to try to take some credit: my dear husband has started cycling to work.

(insert polite applause here)

This is a big deal to me – my V8 pick-up driving, early rising construction worker hubby is riding his bike to work. In steel toed boots. I’m very proud.

Michael Bryant and Spin Doctors ‘Diminish Us All’

I would opine that we are all diminished when after one takes the life of another, the institution we have built that maintains our civilization offers no sanction.

How to Keep Cars from Parking in Bike Lanes

Well, it seems enough is enough, if city staff and police are incapable (or unwilling) to help, then it’s time to take a stand. And that’s exactly what is happening on Harbord in front of Sam James Coffee Bar.

Michael Bryant can’t drive, so he’s cycling

Mr. Bryant was charged and released the next day without a bail hearing and was told to surrender his passport and refrain from driving.

He has since been spotted cycling.

Tour de Dufflet 2010

Eat More Cake – Ride More Bike! The Tour de Dufflet will run daily (except Mondays) throughout Bike Month. Get a little exercise (and something sweet) by cycling to all 3 Dufflet locations.

Critical Mass Toronto

Critical Mass is a group ride that happens on the last Friday of every month. It generally has no discernable leader or plan, just an intent to ride together, either as a ”bike party”, political protest, or pro-cycling activity. It is an event that is held in cities all over the world.

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