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Kenk: The Graphic Novel is Here

kenk-coverA couple years ago, Toronto police busted Igor Kenk of the Bike Clinic for knowingly purchasing stolen bikes from bike thieves.  Far from finding a few stolen bikes in his bike shop, police found thousands of them, scattered around the city in rented garages.

It was a story that made international news, and it is now in graphic novel form.

This week, Toronto writer Richard Poplak and Alex Jansen of the production and publishing company Pop Sandbox are releasing an unusual treatment of Kenk’s story. Kenk: A Graphic Portrait is a journalistic graphic novel based on photos and footage of Kenk taken in the year before his arrest.

Poplak, who wrote about Kenk for Toronto Life magazine before being recruited by Jansen to create a graphic novel, said there was something “obsessive compulsive” about Kenk’s behaviour.

“He was much, much bigger than life. He was a comic book character,” Poplak told CBC Radio’s Q cultural affairs show on Tuesday.

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