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How to Keep Cars from Parking in Bike Lanes

Toronto has a real problem with cars, trucks, police vehicles and everything in between parking in bike lanes. Need proof?

Take a look at the new Simcoe Street underpass.
Take a look at College Street through the all-seeing lens of Google.

Harbord itself is no stranger to bike lane violators, including undercover police.

Well, it seems enough is enough, if city staff and police are incapable (or unwilling) to help, then it’s time to take a stand. And that’s exactly what is happening on Harbord in front of Sam James Coffee Bar.

No Parking and Pylons via Bike Lane Diary

More photos here.

Photo via BikeLaneDiary

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  • duncan

    “Bike lanes are not parking for coffee shop — Staff try to educate customers, but they just park out of view

    The bike lane is not a parking space.

    Emma Minigan, a barista at Sam James Coffee Bar, told a customer that, after she parked in the Harbord St. bike lane one April morning.

    The young woman went back to her car, and her mother came in the store to “make trouble,” Minigan said.”

    More in the Toronto Star on one retailer setting an example and protecting the bike lane that delivers their customers: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/818831

  • misslynx

    I’ve sometimes thought it would be a good idea to print up some kind of stickers that could be stuck on cars that do that – small enough to carry around easily and apply discreetly, but with strong adhesive to make them hard to remove. They could say something like “Hi! I don’t know the difference between a bike lane and a parking lane!”

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