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George Smitherman Releases His Transportation Plan

smithermanToronto mayoral candidate George Smitherman has released his transportation plan for the future.

Full details are on his website… but here is the bike-related stuff for you:


Cycling in Toronto is important.  Torontonians often choose from day to day whether to walk, drive, take transit or cycle to get where they’re going.

George Smitherman supports Toronto cyclists and will make it easier for Torontonians to choose safe cycling.  His integrated transportation plan for cycling will rethink how we plan, build, take care of and use cycling routes in Toronto.

George Smitherman’s plans to make cycling safer and more efficient include:

  • Time out on construction of new bike lanes on arterial roadways, but move immediately to ensure current cycling routes are safer and better maintained
    • physical separation of bikes and cars: bicycle lanes should be separated from cars with properly curbed lanes, so everyone can travel more safely
  • Moving forward, expedite the expansion of dedicated bike “expressways” though hydro corridors, ravines and other non-roadways by 2015
  • Increase opportunities for children to learn bike safety and rules of the road
  • Better maintenance of bike routes—including year round upkeep, with snow clearance on bike expressways
  • Integration of cycling into Toronto’s planning and transit, by looking at incentives and possible partnerships to build a better bike infrastructure. Toronto should consider better bike parking at TTC stations, shower facilities and other ideas that make it easier for “dual-mode commuting” (riding to a TTC or GO station and hopping on transit).

What do you think of his plans?

  • Barf. I can’t wait for the “possible partnerships to build a better bike infrastructure.”
    No new bike lanes – we’ll only ever get the 100kms put in so far of the 500km “plan.” We’ll get a couple lanes repainted and maybe some “curb separation” on existing bike lanes (and we can only guess where).
    All his talk about cycling through a “hydro corridor” shows he doesn’t “get it.” People want to cycle along streets -where there is life. We want to be around where people live, where there are stores, restaurants, bars, etc. -not on empty paths surrounded by tall grass. This only serves the Cervelo crew and office drones.

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  • duncan

    “Time out” — That phrase bothers me so much. That’s what you give to misbehaving kids or what you take if you’re playing a game. That’s condescending baby-talk. This isn’t much of a “plan” at all. Renaming a multi-use path as a “bike expressway” is a joke. Yawn.

  • duncan

    Jonathan Goldsbie is as unimpressed with Smitherman’s cycling plan:

    “Even before a crowd that’s far better healed than the average person, proclaiming a moratorium on new bike lanes — even if it means rededicating resources to current lanes — does not seem to be a popular position. There’s no doubt that many roads are in terrible condition and that cyclists suffer from this at least as much as motorists do, but this is just a convenient excuse to avoid the sadly divisive debates about new lanes. Sidestepping the subject is a different kind of “leadership failure.””


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  • Natasha

    If you keep the TTC Public you have my my vote and many of my friends.
    We have to be one of few of the major world cities that does not have an easy transit system to
    an international airport.
    Why not concentrate on a subway system along Eglington to Pearson International? This would bring
    us into the 21st. century and cut pollution. This is an extremely busy highway.
    Streetcars are also an excellent mode of clean transportation, downtown has an excess of pollution.
    Think green. Biking map is a great step forward.
    In Chester England, the city centre is closed to traffic, only buses and cabs have access, decreased

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