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UPDATED: 1,000 BikePosts (possibly) being removed for Toronto G20 Summit

What downtown posts will look like.  Photo by bricoleurbanism.  Click for original

What downtown posts will look like. Photo by bricoleurbanism. Click for original

UPDATE:  The Cyclometer news item may have been an error:

It has come to our attention that an item in the May issue of Cyclometer should be corrected. The City is currently investigating the possibility of removing some bike rings due to the G20. No decision has been made to remove them. We will provide updated information as soon as a decision has been made.

BikingToronto member and blogger Duncan has noticed in the latest Cyclometer (the City’s official cycling newsletter) a notice that 1000 post-and-ring bike stands (you may know them as “lollipops”) are being removed for the G20 summit on June 25-27:

The G20 Summit security requirements mean that all street furniture within the ‘security zone’ must be removed temporarily.  This includes bike parking rings, of which about 1000 must be removed two weeks prior to the event.  The area effected runs from Yonge Street west to Spadina Avenue and from Queen Street south to the lakefront.

Every effort will be made to replace the rings quickly once the summit has concluded by the final week of June.   Posts will remain intact so re-installation will be simpler.

This is due to the concern that “street furniture” could be used for hiding bombs… and I supposed one *could* be put in a bicycle somehow… but I’m no expert, so I’m not sure.

Seeing as BikeMonth is ending on June 30th, this is a bit of a downer to end the month of great cycling events.

  • octavio

    that’s a very large area, where am i to lock my bike up now?

    why stop there? why doesn’t the city just remove all parking spaces, street lights, traffic signals, buildings, and trees? i’m sick of all those bomb hiding places.

  • rebecca draisey

    stupid. costly. and back to stupid.

  • Mel

    This is preposterous. I really hope Critical Mass finds a way to run through the core of G20 activities and cause a raucous.

  • duncan

    I received that update from the City of Toronto at the same time as CBC teased this item for their news at 5. Wonder if the story will still make it on air now.

  • duncan

    CBC did run the story at 6pm, inserting the update from the City of Toronto. The Star G20 Blog also updated the story and even contacted city spokesperson Rob Andrusevich and councilor Adam Vaughan for more info: http://thestar.blogs.com/g20/2010/05/1000-bike-rings-to-be-reviewed-not-removed-but-still-maybe-removed.html

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