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Weekly Wrap-Up: Dandyhorse, BikeSharing, and More!

Happy Friday!  Here’s some good links of all the new and popular stuff from the past week!

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Most Popular Content on the Site this week:

  1. Toronto Bikelanes Map (Maps)
  2. A New Dandyhorse Launches this Thursday! (Main Blog)
  3. Weekly Wrap-Up: BikeSharing, University Avenue Bikelanes and More! (Main Blog)
  4. How To Ride A Rainbow (Photo of the Day)
  5. Handlebar Blondes Have More Fun (Photo of the Day)
  6. Dandyhorse Launch Party (Events)
  7. Critical Mass Toronto (Events)
  8. Rasta Ride (Photo of the Day)
  9. Toronto Glober – Globe Haul 1 Review (Duncan’s City Ride)
  10. Garden Girl (Photo of the Day)

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Recent Posts


TRUTH: The business of bikes and parking

Click on through to Spacing to see the full infographic. There has been some debate about whether bike lanes on Bloor would hurt or harm businesses. Spacing is republishing this infographic from our Fall 2014 issue to help inform the discussion. View Full Graphic: INFOGRAPHIC: The business of bikes and parking – Spacing Toronto


VIDEO: A DIY repair shop created by students for students

A great video introduction to U of T’s BikeChain from Global News (except there’s an ad that runs before it): ‘Bikechain’ was created in 2005 as a student project serving the University of Toronto student community. This DIY bicycle repair shop is based out of the St. George campus and is open to everyone on […]


MAPS! Helping cyclists avoid smoggy routes in Toronto and Montreal

  Amazing tool!  Played with it a long time.  Very telling that when you turn off the street map, high pollution levels still indicate where roads (and especially highways and the airport) are, and where the ravines (without highways) are. It is essentially a Google Map with an extra layer representing the average concentration of […]

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OH YEAH! Get Biking Toronto Updates, Win A Shirt

This is on until midnight on Saturday, April 30th, 2016! If you’re a regular visitor to Biking Toronto, you may notice little asks for you to join the update list.  This list updates you about new things on the site (and then you decide what you want to click through and read).  There are over […]


NEWS: Bloor Bike Lanes Pilot Should Be a Council No-Brainer. Here’s Why It’s Not. 

An excellent piece in Torontoist about why a bike lane pilot designed to collect data about benefits/detriments and overwhelming supported by the community is getting static from politicians: There really should have been little to no debate about this 2.5 kilometre bike lane pilot project running along Bloor Street West from Shaw Street to Avenue […]