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Weekly Wrap-Up: A Better Commute is by Bike!

Happy Friday! Today is Good Friday, and it’s going to be super warm (forecast high of 24 degrees), so get on your bike and make it a Super Friday! :)

Here’s some good links of all the new and popular stuff from the past week!

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Most Popular Content on the Site this Week:

  1. Toronto Police Launching Week-Long Bicycle Campaign (Main Blog)
  2. Toronto Board of Trade; “Embarrassing” Commuting Times for GTA (Main Blog)
  3. Toronto Bikelanes Map (Maps)
  4. Photos and News from BikeSauce (Main Blog)
  5. Weekly Wrap-Up: College Street Survey and Mississauga Bikes (Main Blog)
  6. Batavus in the morning sun (Duncan’s City Ride)
  7. The ABCs of your bike (Bikeroo in TO)
  8. Toronto BikeShop Map (Maps)
  9. Everywhere You Go… (Photo of the Day)
  10. Beater Bikes Review (Bikeroo in TO)

New on the Main Blog:

New on Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Wiki

New on Duncan’s City Ride:

New on the Fletcher Five:

New on Bikeroo in TO:

New on Joe Bikes:

New on the Bike to Work Blog:

New on the Photo of the Day:

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