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Kenk wants “his” Bikes back

Convicted bike thief Igor Kenk, shown Aug 06, 2008, says bikes he had were documented.

Convicted bike thief Igor Kenk, shown Aug 06, 2008, says bikes he had were "documented."

After a heart-warming story yesterday about many of the thousands of stolen bikes recovered after the Igor Kenk bust being donated to youth programs, the Star is reporting this morning that he “wants his puppies back”:

Igor Kenk wants his bikes back

In an unexpected turn of events, the convicted bike-nabber showed up at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre on Monday where nearly 2,000 bikes seized from his property in 2008 were being donated to inner-city youth…

A peevish Kenk told the Star he still considers the bikes his property and called it “completely and utterly irresponsible” to have them “thrown in the garbage.”

“This is like (taking) Ferrari or Lamborghini cars, throwing them as scrap,” Kenk said.

He added, “Of course they’re my bikes. Think of them as my puppies …”

“I would love to buy some of my property back.”

Toronto Star

Igor Kenk wants his bikes back

  • Margot

    Why is he not in jail?

  • Even after doing time for the charges laid, Torontonians are still left looking for a sense of justice in the Kenk case…

    I’ve started trying to compile what’s needed to get a sense of closure in all of this…


    Something tells me that it’s going to take awhile…

    Ride On

  • I read for an hour at JoFergus’s web site ‘Thumbshift’ around the Igor Kenk case.


    You should go read JoFergus’s several related post on this story; turns out it not simply about a knee jerk blaming Igor Kenk for all societies ills – it is much more: your civil rights, police corruption, media spin doctoring of the news and political spin out of the provincial cabinet.

    The wide angle picture: A carefully organized combined operation including Toronto under cover, stakeholders in Queen West real estate market, the media, and perhaps even the Provincial government. The Civil Remedies Act seems to be an important part of this play. With public defenders in the third decade of under funding the US style law is being substituted for your constitutionally protected right to a defense against a crown prosecution.

    If you check through the archives here at Biking Toronto I had a sense that this was bigger than it looked, it was. It was bigger than even I thought it was.

    A great case study, a window onto the agenda of the ‘neo-liberals’.

    A must read in my opinion.

    MEDIA: The Unspoken Mob Mentality

    CIVIL LAW: Public mis-Perceptions about Property

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