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BikingToronto.com Asks: What is Toronto’s Best Bike Lane?

/oveSpring is in the air and countless Toronto cyclists (possibly a million) are back on the city streets. They’re cycling to work and school and the grocery store and the park and the lake and… well, the list goes on and on.

Along their daily travels, cyclists will encounter Toronto’s growing network of bike lanes. Sure, the system of bike lanes currently lining several of our streets aren’t perfect, but we’re tired of hearing complaints. Let’s hear where we’ve gotten it right, let’s hear about the bike lanes that make a difference in your cycling and daily life.

What makes a bike lane the best?

Is there a bike lane that connects you to a loved one’s house? Is there a bike lane that becomes the highlight of your daily commute? Is there a bike lane that has helped you discover something new and exciting about Toronto? Is there a bike lane you use for Toronto’s best shopping? Is there a bike lane that makes you feel more confident and safe?

Toronto’s Best Bike Lane is going to be decided solely on your experiences. There are no right and wrong answers here, just the stories and reasons why a particular bike lane is the best no matter how big or small.

We’re asking for your submissions over the next month and will conclude our search by posting your photos and stories just in time for Toronto Bike Month.


Here’s how to submit your nominations for Toronto’s Best Bike Lane:

1) E-mail us your story or photos (or both) and tell us why you have found Toronto’s Best Bike Lane. Be sure to include where the bike lane is, the conditions of the road the bike lane is on and every other detail that makes this Toronto’s Best Bike Lane. Send your nominations to duncan dot bikingtoronto at gmail dot com (re-assemble with two . and an @) with the subject line “Toronto’s Best Bike Lane.”

2) Comment on this post and tell us the where, the why and link to photos if you have them.

3) Send us your nomination for Toronto’s Best Bike Lane using Twitter @BikingToronto using the hash tag #BestBikeLaneTO

4) Tell us all about Toronto’s Best Bike Lane on the BikingToronto Facebook Fan wall

Take a minute to check out the BikingToronto Bike Lane Google Map as any one of these lanes could soon be Toronto’s Best Bike Lane.

Nominations are open now! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Photo via the BikingToronto Flickr Pool

  • GMD

    I like College Street, because it’s the busiest of the bike lanes I use. I like riding in bike traffic. GMD

  • Peter

    Whenever I have the chance I use any of the dedicated bike paths in the city.
    Along the water front or the don trail and also cutting through parks or anywhere
    cars can’t go. I’ve been cycling in Toronto for 40 years and have reached the point where I hate sharing the road with the aggressive and dangerous drivers we now have in this city. Toronto’s road conditions are becoming like a third world country.

  • Russell Hill (including where it connects to Boulton) Road between St Clair and Davenport. It’s a great way to avoid the Ave. Rd traffic, and is a gorgeous route. The road isn’t in perfect shape, but it is decent. It is a fun hill to ride too.

    St George is good too – the road is in great shape – but I find it stressful with the many jay-walking pedestrians and parked cars on the west side.

  • Wilson

    Huntingwood Dr. between Brimley and Victoria Park in Scarborough has excellent bike lanes… 1 car lane width wide!

  • Jo

    I would proactively nominate ANY cross-town bikelane that could be installed in the West End, where none currently exist south of the short stretch on College between Manning and Bay.

    It’s too bad that the RailPath doesn’t go any further south/east into the core than Dundas and Sterling

  • I’ll nominate Lakeshore Avenue and Cibola…


    … these two roads link up to form the main road that runs the length of the Toronto Islands… One big bike lane about 20ft wide and 5km long w/almost no heavy vehicles. Best experienced on a warm summers night under a full moon.

  • Jane

    Agreed with Lizz, Route 35, Russell Hill Road between Killbarry and Davenport. It’s not officially a bike lane until St. Clair, but the ride is gorgeous. Wonderful houses, trees, downhill and not much traffic. The curve is just enough for you to go full speed and will slow you down with a slight uphill before you go too fast. Hands down, best route for travelling southbound.

  • Evan

    Harbord, no question.

  • Another vote for Russell Hill. Just lovely.

  • duncan

    Great nominations! I haven’t even been on a few of these. On Friday, April 16th, 2010 I’ll post an update on what lanes have been nominated so far and why.

    Keep ’em coming! Thanks!

  • Bloor St has the bike lane I’ve seen in the city…. at 3AM…. on a Monday night…

    But seriously, I like the wide “bike lane” on the Toronto islands, and if we are only talking about bike lanes alongside motorized traffic then I would have to vote for Beverley/St. George because it’s a pleasant, quiet ride and this street cuts right through the centre of downtown, so you don’t have to go out of your way.

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  • duncan

    Just posted a few of the nominated bike lanes in a new post: http://bikingtoronto.com/best-bike-lane-toronto-week-1-nominations/

    Don’t worry if you don’t see your nomination yet. I’ll be posting more updates as we go along. Thanks!

  • I amd new to TO so don’t have a lot to compare to. However, I run the Lakeshore bike lane from just west of Parklawn to downtown everyday and it is a great ride. Cool when it is hot because of the lake, great scenery, fast and level, very safe, equipped with bike traffic signals. As for bike lanes with traffic, I would agree with the above comment that Beverely is good – seems to be extra wide and a great way to cut through the heart of the city.

  • duncan

    Thanks for your comments nodders. That Lakeshore trail, known as the Martin Goodman Trail, is a fantastic link to the water’s edge of downtown. The revised Bike Plan released on Monday indicates that this trail will soon be connected along Queen’s Quay and from there connect north to more streets.

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  • Dundas Ave. from Woodbine to downtown is my favourite bike lane.

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