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Best Bike Lane Toronto: Week 1 Nominations

Streets for all modesOn Monday, April 12, 2010, BikingToronto asked you to nominate the best bike lanes in Toronto. As a bold pilot project to install separated bike lanes along University Avenue sparks the ire of mayoral candidates, excites downtown bicycle commuters and grabs the headlines, we don’t want our other bike lanes to feel left out.

You’ve heard our call and the nominations keep rolling in daily. Each pointing to many of the fantastic reasons why bike lanes are important and cannot be pushed aside. As more and more Torontonians look for ways to integrate healthier travel alternatives into their daily lives it’s good to know there’s a great bike lane nearby.

Here are your nominations so far:

Route 35: St. George and Beverley Streets

Nominated by Bikeroo in TO and James

Running from Dupont in the north to Queen Street West in the south, these bike lanes provide a direct route for students and commuters from the north of the west side to the heart of Toronto’s shopping district (a short jump to the financial district from there).

Route 35: St. George and Beverley

Route 35 and 20: Russell Hill

Nominated by Lizz, Jane and Robyn

While considered part of the St. George and Beverley route, the northern stretch of Route 35 is divided by one-way streets and connects again north of St. Clair. Beautiful homes and quiet streets stand out as ideal conditions for connecting the city without the choas and speeds of Avenue Road.

Routes 35 and 20

Route 11: Royal York Road

Nominated by cFletch

At 11 km, Route 11 is one of the longest, continuous bike lanes in the GTA. Connecting countless residents to Lake Ontario this bike lane provides a direct route to places people want to go.

Route 11

Other nominations include Route 42 along Huntingwood Drive in Scarborough and Route 14 running much of Harbord from Queens Park in the east to Ossington in the west.

Disappointed to find that your favourite bike lane has yet to be nominated? There’s still time, head on over to our post on Toronto’s Best Bike Lane and nominate your choice now!

Photo via BikingToronto Flickr Pool

  • Great update!

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  • annette bike lanes, from jane to dundas west, a quiet east west strip for those cyclists coming into the city from the north west, an easy connection to the west rail path to dundas and right onto college or dundas. great places for a pit stop, or if you are into fresh fish the olser fish market is right on the rail path. and there is a beautiful bicycle mural where dundas dupont and annete menage a trois.

  • martha

    I’m voting for Royal York Road: my commuting route!
    It takes me from the Lakeshore to Norseman, where I have the privilage of enjoying a lovely subdivision before hitting the concrete of Bloor W.
    Downside: because the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ attending Bishop Allen all seem to require a drive to school, it can be a bit crazy…still, it’s Very satisfying to pass all those cars.
    Also, new to the route (#15 #76 #76b) TTC drivers tend to forget that the bike lane lines aren’t guidelines to driving down the street…

  • duncan

    Here’s another nomination for Royal York Road via Twitter:

    @anthhumphreys: I’ll nominate Royal York from Lakeshore to Mimico Creek, first lanes to incl sharrows through intersections #BestBikeLaneTO Also, very rare to see cars/trucks/etc parked in Royal York bike lanes

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