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Toronto Police Launching Week-Long Bicycle Campaign

Tomorrow (Monday) morning at 8 AM at the intersection of Broadview and Danforth, the Toronto Police Service is launching their latest bicycle safety campaign:

On Monday, March 29, 2010, at 8 a.m., 54 Division and 55 Division officers will start a week−long, zero−tolerance bicycle campaign in the Danforth Avenue/Broadview Avenue area.

Officers will be enforcing laws relevant to the rules of the road, along with any bicycle equipment violations. Enforcement will be targeted at drivers who cross the path of a cyclist or open their car door ahead of a cyclist in an unsafe manner.

This year, the Toronto Police Service has investigated 54 bicycle collisions.

The TPS is requesting cyclists wear light−coloured or reflective outer wear to assist in being seen.

Motorists, prior to turning at intersections, should remember to check their rear− and side−view mirrors and blind spots to confirm this area is free of any cyclist or pedestrian flow.

The media is invited to meet Sergeant Jack West at the intersection of Danforth Avenue and Broadview Avenue at 8 a.m. on Monday, March 29, 2010.

For further information, contact Sergeant Jack West at 289−259−6800.

View the press release here (PDF).

[above image from Xander N’Dante, via the Photo of the Day]

  • T

    Re: the Photo….

    Aren’t cyclists supposed to ride single file?

  • T


    I wish I could ride with my friends and own a lane like this.

  • Have a look at “Melbourne Cyclist: Cycling in Melbourne Australia” blog (www.melbournecyclist.com) for some interesting stuff on “Victoria Police now handing out No-bell Awards” is the article. $57 for no bell. Gotta wear a helmet and have a bell down there. There’s an MP3 recording of a bemused cyclist who got chased down by an officer and fined for no bell.

  • duncan

    Did anyone ever get the safety pamphlets the TPS was handing out last year during a pre-Blitz campaign?

  • Received an email from someone who got stopped by this today (I went through the intersection too, but before 7:30, so too early to be stopped) and they said the cops just made sure their bike had brakes, lights, and a working bell.

    Seems reasonable to me!

  • T: Yes… according to the Highway Traffic Act (PDF), it carries a fine of $8.75.

    I haven’t heard of anyone ever receiving this fine… has anyone else?

  • Philip

    Cycling is a great idea, but both parties need to live together. That means cyclists must abide by the rules (no running reds, etc) and drivers must be courteous (I find TO drivers impatient and rude – hey guys and gals, hurrying doesn’t get you there faster!). Let’s fine the people who inhibit a good relationship between drivers and cyclists. I’ve seen people in intensive care units – it changes your life forever.

  • T said:
    “Re: the Photo….
    Aren’t cyclists supposed to ride single file?”

    Joe T. replyed:
    “T: Yes… according to the Highway Traffic Act (PDF), it carries a fine of $8.75.”

    Wow, I did not know that.

    Seems like it would be hard to prove to a Judge that two cyclists, one choosing to take the left side of their lane and another cyclist who has chosen to take the right side of their lane could be convicted of associating illegally (riding together). :)

    On the press release: It’s good to see TPS accenting bike *and* car and pedestrian behaviour in this blitz. Voices other than the auto cabal are beginning to be heard. Thank you TPS.

    I dislike the ‘zero tolerance’ phrase though – it’s an ugly idea. How about “Optimum Bike Safety Week” instead?

  • Found a couple news links about this online. I’m happy to say that BikingToronto seems to have beat the news outlets to this story. :)

    Toronto Sun (with video)
    This story features a cop singing a song about the “Highway Wave” – getting some mutual respect between cyclists and drivers via some friendly hand gestures… :)

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