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New on the Toronto BikeShop Map

We have three new additions to the BikeShop Map for you:

  1. Red Arrow Bikes (facebook page) now has a permanent address at 19 Kensington Avenue.
  2. Dan’s Mountain Bike Repair (group page) is now open to the public at 1501 Woodbine.  It services all bikes, not just mountain bikes. :)
  3. Riders Cycle & Board is now open – it’s at 80 Geary St, just north of Dupont on Dovercourt

I made the BikeShop Map 4 years ago because whenever I was in a part of the city I wasn’t very familiar with, I never knew if I was near a bikeshop. It’s easy enough to google “Toronto Bikeshops” and see what pops up… but a comprehensive online map did not exist.

To my knowledge, it is still the only map with plots this info, for you, the Toronto cyclist.

If you see any mistakes or omissions, let me know in the comments below, and we’ll get those fixed up!

  • Great work. There’s also:


    Was a side-project from an iPhone app I wrote. We should probably collaborate and save the duplicated effort.


  • Lisa

    Great blog! riders is at 80 Geary :)

  • Thanks Lisa. That was a typo of mine on this post… the Bike Shop Map has Riders correctly at 80 Geary. :)