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Weekly News Wrap-Up: Bikelanes an Election Issue, More People Biking and Cemetary Bike Racks

How was your week everyone?  With the mild temperatures did you try out some winter biking?  Get it in while you can… there’s a good chance that February isn’t going to be as nice to us as January has been.

It’s friday, so here’s your wrap-up of the past week:

Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi wants to stop (and tear out) bikelanes

Yeah… this is a little unbelievable.  Rossi, an avid cyclist himself (and former head of the Heart & Stroke foundation, which holds the Ride for Heart every year on Toronto’s highways), thinks that bikelanes have no place on “major arterials” and would not only prevent new bikelanes being installed on major streets but take out ones that already exist.  His compromise is to but bikelanes on quieter sidestreets.  (read more)

Photos of the Mount Pleasant Cemetary Bike Rack Finalists

Mt. Pleasant Cemetary is a big old cemetary in Toronto’s mid-town.  It counts among it’s residents former Canadian Prime Ministers and titans of Toronto industry and business.  It’s also a fantastic place for a leisurely bike ride.  The cemetary recently teamed up with Ryerson’s School of Interior Design to have students compete in designing bike racks for the cemetary’s visitors.  BikingToronto grabbed photos of the finalists’ designs, plus has information on the winning design.  (read more)

City of Toronto Survey shows Cycling is on the Rise!

Did you know that the majority of people in Toronto are cyclists?  A study undertaken in 2009 by the City shows that 54% of Torontonians use bikes.  To qualify as a cyclist for this survey, someone had to either ride for recreation and/or for day-to-day stuff (utility cycling).  Riding to work, going to the store, visiting friends… more and more of it is by bike!  The best news is that the numbers are increasing the most rapidly in the former boroughs of the city… the old suburbs where new bikelanes are being added! (read more)

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