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Hard Core Cyclists Do Not Fear Winter

Catherine Porter at the Toronto Star learned a bit about winter cycling from Yvonne Bambrick of the Toronto Cyclists Union… while the article title makes it sound like an article about biking in winter (and a bit of it is), it’s mainly a piece about the need at City Hall for cycling lobbyists (like Yvonne) just like there are lobbyists for drivers, parking lots and many other things.

Hard Core Cyclists Do Not Fear Winter

We’ve met on a sunny morning and set off in search of winter’s axis of evil: snow, slush and ice. Now that we’ve found it, Bambrick instructs me to push into it, slowly, but with confidence. “Don’t lose your nerve.”

Look at her: tall, long black coat, chic red hat dotted with a delicate bicycle pin, dark sunglasses. She could be shopping in Paris.

Her bike is a grey Dutch seven-speed, the front basket adorned with bulrushes, white plastic flowers cascading off the back.

How could you spout epithets from your car window at this woman? If the old cycling crowd is Kensington Market, Bambrick is Uptown. She is gentrifying the image of cycling in the city.

Her tool is the Toronto Cyclists Union. Bambrick, 33, is its executive director, her salary paid mostly through the dues of its 800 members, proof in itself of the rising class, and commitment, of cyclists.

More at the Toronto Star.

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