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Cemetary Bike Rack Competition Announces Winners Thursday

I just came across this via the Canada News Wire… this Thursday is the announcement of the winners of a bikerack competition for Mount Pleasant Cemetary:

The Massey Family Crypt

The Massey Family Crypt

Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries has asked Ryerson’s School of Interior Design students to create specially-designed bicycle racks that will enhance the unique and bicycle-friendly environment that exists within the Mount Pleasant grounds.

  • What: Judging and Winners announced
  • When: 3:00 p.m., Thursday, January 21, 2010
  • Where: Room SID 106, School of Interior Design, 302 Church Street (google map), Ryerson University

Each design team will work on one site designated as a possible future bicycle rack in locations throughout the cemetery. As Mount Pleasant Cemetery is a working cemetery and a well-established arboretum, the designs must respect and enhance the use of the cemetery for all users and consider road allowances, drainage and the mature plant forms. Due to the sensitivity of the environment in which they will be placing their bicycle rack, special care will need to be paid to the appropriate use of colour and shape to enhance, not detract, from the current cemetery setting.

For anyone who’s been to Mount Pleasant Cemetary (yes, it’s a great place to bike!), you’ll know that it’s an old and very stately cemetary, with high profile grave sites of people like former Prime Minister William Lyon-MacKenzie King and the Massey family.

It’ll be interesting to see what the design students come up with.

  • Are you going Joe? I’ll be there with cameras in hand.

  • I’m going to try… it cuts into the end of my work day… but I may be able to duck out early. :)

  • duncan

    Can’t wait to see what these look like.

    I’m really impressed by the initiatives at Mount Pleasant cemetery that are inviting the community in. The Sunday performances this past summer were a great idea.

    And, rest assured, they have space (as the sign out front tells us).

  • I’m not sure what to expect at the winners announcement… if it’s anything like the OCAD bikerack competition, they’ll have all the finalists’ models set up… so I’m hoping that’ll be the case to get some good photos of what design students are coming up with.

    I am unsure why the are using *interior* design students, though. Should make things interesting.

    OCAD Bike Rack Competition Blog Post:

  • And… unfortunately, i *just* found out about a meeting I need to be in from 2:30-3:30 today, so I’m going to miss the presentation. Hopefully bikeroo is still going.

  • Okay… 3:47… just got out of meeting… heading over to Ryerson now to see if I can still get some photos. :)

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  • I wasn’t too late to see the design models. :) Grabbed some photos and found info about the winners.