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Toronto Star: Denmark cycles into future, while Toronto `lags behind’

Bike Rush Hour (from Mayor Miller's Twitterfeed)

Bike Rush Hour in Copenhagen (from Mayor Miller's Twitterfeed)

Well, it’s not exactly news… most anyone who pays attention to cycling issues knows that Copenhagen is “King of the World” when it comes to urban cycling… but it’s good to see the Star publishing something about it with the COP15 talks going on right now in Copenhagen.   It’s not really “news” to die-hard cyclists, but how many people are die-hard cyclists?  These kinds of articles are great for getting the general public thinking about cycling.

Merchants are always afraid they will lose business if traffic and parking are affected by adding bike amenities, Heaps said. “Anecdotally, we know that’s not true. We want to show how it adds value,” he said. “I don’t want another study that sits on a shelf. This is an action plan. That’s a difference.”

It’s always fun to read the comments on major media websites… I like the comment on this story that basically says “All cyclists should move to Denmark!”… I’m willing to meet them halfway… can they pay for a vacation there every year? :)

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