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What Do You Want From BikingToronto in 2010?

Hi everyone,

Every winter, I generally take stock of BikingToronto and update the design of the site and figure out what’s working well and what’s working not-so-well.

With the success of the forum, I’d like to add more interactivity to the site to make is as useful for Toronto cyclists as possible… but I need your help.

What do you want to see from BikingToronto in 2010? Is there a feature you wish it had? Have you seen another website (cycling-related or otherwise) with a cool feature you love that could be used for cyclists in Toronto?

Feel free to express and and all ideas here.

If 2010 follows the pattern of the past few years, we are going to see another large increase in cycling on the roads of Toronto… so the more useful BikingToronto is for everyone, the better!

Share your ideas in the Biking Toronto Forum

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