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HUGE Cycling Budget Increase for 2010?

Now, I’m not an expert in how the city allocates funds for cycling… I do know that of the whole cycling budget, some goes to the Parks & Rec department for trail upkeep, and some goes to the roads department for bikelanes… and some goes other places, but all the news stories about the 2010 budget has great news for cycling infrastructure:

  • – Next year Toronto will spend $217.6 million on new subway cars that will hold more passengers – the beginning of a 10-year program to buy a total of 360 new subway cars;

    – The city will spend $72 million on new buses, part of a 10-year program to buy 390 new buses.

    – Construction of the Sheppard East light rail line will gather speed, with spending of $163 million.

    – Plans call for $22.6 million of spending next year on new bike lanes and paths.

Looking back at old blog posts about the subject, I dredged up some old cycling budget numbers:

2010 – 22.6 million
2009 – 8.6 million
2008 – 5.5 million
2007 – 3.0 million

I hope I’m not wrong about this being a HUGE increase, but maybe someone better versed in municipal budgets could shed some more light on this?

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