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Cycling Events This Week: Nov. 30 – Dec. 6

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2009121 2009121 Tues, Dec 1
CBN Bike Repair – Brakes and Gears
We are now offering classes in bike repair that build on our introductory (‘Flat-fix and Tune-up’) class. Registrants should be familiar and comfortable with the subject of that class before taking the intermediate class(es).


2009122 20100818
Wed, Dec 2
TBN’s Wednesday Wheelie Ride
The nature of the Wednesday day rides known as the “Wednesday Wheelies” might be the best-kept secret in the TBN. Wednesday Wheelies are social, tourist-level rides that cover routes similar to the popular Country Cruises, but which have the glorious advantage of roads, often busy with traffic on a Sunday, being nearly deserted mid-week.


2009122 2009122 Wed, Dec 2
CBN – Flat Fix/Intro to Bike Repair
Participants will remove their own rear wheel and tire and go through a tube repair and installation.


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