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Weekly News Wrap-Up: Toronto #5 for Bike Commuting, and More!

Happy Friday to you. Here’s all your news from the past week!

  • Update on the Toronto Police Downtown Bike Blitz
    Yesterday, there was talk of a “Downtown Bike Blitz” being put on by Toronto Police – targeting cyclists running red lights and biking on sidewalks. The Toronto Police Service has let us know (via twitter) that there is no official campaign going on: Last night on Twitter I received…
  • Toronto Police Bike Blitz Downtown Today?
    Over on Twitter, there’s some talk about police doing a Ticketing Blitz on cyclists downtown: Cops all over downtown today fining bikers who ride on sidewalks or pass thru the red light. Walk your bike on sidewalks! Anyone know more? Posted via web from bikingtoronto’s posterous
  • Toronto Bike Messengers Looking to Unionize
    The Ryerson Free Press has an article about the plight of the bike courier to make a decent wage in Toronto: “You can compare it to people taking advantage of the labour in the third world. Courier companies don’t have to pay holidays or vacation pay…
  • Biking to Work in North America- Toronto is Number 5!
    The battle over which North American city is the best for biking is fierce and— most likely—unresolvable. Our latest Transparency will tell you which cities’ residents make the largest percentage of their commutes by bike. Portland, Oregon, you can keep on gloating. A collaboration between GOOD and Chris Korbey.…
  • New Off-Road Trail in East Don Valley
    Great news via the Don Watcher Blog: Since the summer the city has been busy creating a new trail in the East Don. The new trail will link a park known locally as Milne Hollow which is accessible from Lawrence Ave. East just east of the Don Valley Parkway…
  • Bicycling Magazine: When Worlds Collide
    Bicycling is covering the Bryant / Sheppart Incident in great detail: Darcy Allan Sheppard and Michael Bryant came from different worlds, but when they met in the heart of the posh shopping district on Toronto’s Bloor Street, their worlds violently collided. In the wake of that collision, one life…
  • Igor Kenk has been denied bail
    Igor Kenk is not getting out of jail any time soon… “The man accused of being Toronto’s most notorious bike thief has failed to persuade a judge to reinstate the bail revoked last December. Looking dishevelled with long hair and a beard after months of incarceration at Don Jail,…
  • Bike Cops on Toronto Streetview
    Bike police doing their thing: via blogto.com Toronto Bike Cops are awesome. Have you found any cool Toronto bikey stuff on Google Streetview? Share it in the Forum.

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