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Sidewalk Cycling Fine in Scarborough? $3.75

Afraid to bike on the big bikelane-free arterial roads in scarborough, where cars go 80-100 km/h?

  • Breaking law nets $3.75 fine
    Sidewalk cycling is still ‘a joke’ in Scarborough

    Getting caught cycling on the sidewalk is a lot cheaper in Scarborough.

    A ticket for sidewalk cycling in most parts of Toronto costs $85 but it will only land you a $3.75 fine in the east-end suburb due to lack of harmony between bylaws across the megacity.

    “For $3.75, it ain’t worth the time,” a frustrated Scarborough-Agincourt Councillor Mike Del Grande told the Sun yesterday. “It’s a joke.”

    “We’re 10 years after the fact and we’re still, ‘harmonize this and harmonize that,’ A bicycle is a bicycle no matter where you go and it should have been one of the easier ones (to harmonize).”

    Today, councillors on the public works and infrastructure committee will consider Del Grande’s motion –approved by the Scarborough community council — to harmonize bike fines and other issues related to bike safety across the city.

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