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Recreation Committee to Discuss BMX "Go Forward" Strategy

The Recreation Committee is discussing the BMX “Go Forward” Strategy (PDF link) this Friday:

This report presents a Toronto BMX Go Forward Strategy that, in part, sets out a number of principles and strategic actions that would help make Toronto an improved cycling community for BMX, as well as other types of off-road cyclists. The strategic actions (see Attachment #1) aim to create an environment that helps to mitigate some of the concerns of the local off-road cycling community.

An integrated network of on and off-road recreational cycling facilities and trails would benefit a wide range of users of the City’s parks and trails systems, including local and visiting cyclists, skateboarders and hikers.

The City manages the wooden ramps at Wallace-Emerson Park, which are on loan from Toronto BMX, and also manages the dirt jumps at this and the Bayview Arena site. This report identifies current operations and maintenance that occurs at the City’s two existing BMX sites, as well as sets out additional basic operations and maintenance practices that should be considered for these facilities in the future.

Full PDF document here.

What are your thoughts?

[top photo of the BMX park at Wallace Emerson Community Centre from Hogtown Blue on Flickr]

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