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Queens Quay Revitalization Update

Waterfront Toronto has released their October newsletter, which includes an update on the Queens Quay Revitalization:

Queens Quay Martin Goodman Trail

Waterfront Toronto’s plan to transform Queens Quay into a grand lakefront boulevard was approved overwhelmingly at October’s City Council meeting. The recommendation to replace two lanes of traffic south of the streetcar tracks with a beautiful linear park stems from a two-year long Environmental Assessment (EA) process that featured extensive public input.

The plan will be submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) in November for approval, and the public will have a 30-day comment period during which they can review the full project report and provide feedback.

If approved by the MOE, Waterfront Toronto will begin schematic design for the entire project area from Spadina Avenue to Parliament Street. This first phase of design, which is expected to take about four months, will result in a comprehensive layout of the street from end to end and will be followed by detailed design work.

The construction of the revitalized Queens Quay will occur in phases to match funding availability. The first phase of construction, which will begin in the central waterfront, will be determined during schematic design. Phase one construction is expected to begin about one year after approval of the EA and will take 12 to 18 months to complete. The design and construction process will include numerous opportunities for public feedback.

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