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NYC: Bike Lanes in the Big Apple

Want to know what’s possible with bikelanes in a big city like Toronto? Look no further than New York (a much bigger city) for some inspiration. It doesn’t take miracles to get cycling infrastructure like this… just political guts. :)

Bike lanes: In some cities people are literally dying to have them and some people go so far as to mark their own. Here in New York City, it feels like every time I get on my bike there is a new bike lane – sometimes on the left, sometimes buffered, and sometimes completely separated from automobile traffic. To understand these lanes, I had the opportunity to go for a ride with the NYC DOT bicycle boys. They explained the classes of bike lanes and showed off some of these inventive facilities. You can use Ride the City to find a safe bike route in New York City and watch this video to see what lanes are used on your route.

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