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Myth and Reality of Cycling and Safety

Great article from RaiseTheHammer.org:

Myth and Reality of Cycling and Safety
Too much of the car-vs-bicycle debate is overrun by myths and rank misinformation.

Myth: Cyclists don’t pay for the roads and therefore have no right to use them.

Reality: Municipal roads are paid for out of property taxes, which are paid by all residents. Fuel taxes pay for freeways and highways that cyclists cannot use. As the Ministry of Transport’s, Guide to Safe Cycling reminds us, “Bicycles are prohibited on expressway / freeway highways such as the 400 series, the QEW.”

Myth: Bicycles are not vehicles.

Reality: The Guide states, “A bicycle is a vehicle under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA). This means that, as a bicyclist, you have the same rights and responsibilities to obey all traffic laws as other road users.”

Myth: Cyclists must always stay as close to the curb as possible so motorists are not slowed down.

Reality: Cyclists should generally ride 1m from the curb “unless they are turning left, going faster than other vehicles or if the lane is too narrow to share”, according to the Guide.

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