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Duncans City Ride: Trends in Bicycle Design and Use

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In the minds of many people there are just two categories of bicycles; road and mountain. A few know of a third category, the hybrids. And that’s about it.
The problem is that each of these categories present a barrier to visualizing bicycles in everyday use, and in fact they don’t even address that bicycles can be and are used daily as a method of transportation.

For example:

Mountain bikes are seen as weekend use, off-road only, daredevil tools.

And road bikes need to be accompanied by a matching spandex outfit, solid abs and massive quads.

Fortunately, neither of these beliefs are true as there are dozens of styles of bicycles and any one of them could help you get where you’re going, deliver your groceries and take the family to school in the morning.

The Associated Press helps explain the newer trends in bicycle design and their use

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