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Cycling Events This Week: Oct. 5 – 11

What’s on this week:

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Tues, Oct 6

2009106 2009106 Ward 29 Bikes Meeting
This an opportunity to sit down informally and discuss priorities and
strategies for improving cycling east of the Don Valley.

We want to share information with other east-end cyclists, hear about what’s
happening outside our ward, and join forces on issues that affect all of our


Tues, Oct 6
(repeats weekly)

2009106 2009106 Bike Polo TO – Weekly Pick-up Game
Tuesdays @ 9 p.m till 11 p.m at Alexander Park (Bathurst and Dundus Street west)


Wed, Oct 7
(repeats weekly)

2009107 2009107 TBN’s Wednesday Wheelie Ride
The nature of the Wednesday day rides known as the “Wednesday Wheelies” might be the best-kept secret in the TBN. Wednesday Wheelies are social, tourist-level rides that cover routes similar to the popular Country Cruises, but which have the glorious advantage of roads, often busy with traffic on a Sunday, being nearly deserted mid-week.


Thurs, Oct 8
(repeats monthly)

2009108 2009108 VeloSocial Bike Party
This group is dedicated to the monthly VeloSocial party in Toronto. The first Monday of every month we all get together and hang out and watch bike videos, drink some pints of Amsterdam Blonde, dance & listen to DJs, rock the open mic, yamn some spicy pad-thai, and grab some goodies at the info and merch table.


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