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Canada’s bike industry is growing despite economic turmoil

Info from a call for interviews from Bicycle Trade Association of Canada:

  • Canada’s bike industry is growing despite economic turmoil

    The Canadian cycling industry, like every other sector, has been impacted by the global economic crises.

    Numbers recently collected from Canadian specialty bike retailers and suppliers, however, suggest that businesses north of the border are faring far better than their American colleagues, or other Canadian retail sectors.

    Rob Jones, Director of Data Capture for the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada, has been analyzing the latest information [in regards to] how 2009 has been in comparison to 2008:

    • For Q4 2008 sales grew 2%, while the U.S. industry declined 13%
    • Annually, in 2008 Canadian sales grew 9.3%
    • Sales Year-Over-Year have increased 18% in the first six months of 2009
    • Which sectors of the bike industry are doing particularly well and why

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